The expression “a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach” is not just applicable to men but to all travelers. The special culinary delights of a destination are also one of the factors that attract visitors since it completes the overall experience. There have also been travelers who visit a destination simply for the food and local specialties – a sort of gastronomical holiday. Culinary vacations are a must-do experience for foodies, and they’re also a great opportunity to learn about different cultures. Moreover, it isn’t surprising that Europe houses some of the best gastronomic destinations in the world. Listed below are the best culinary destinations Europe has to offer.

10 Milan, Italy

Milan, like New York, is a modern culinary hotspot that draws the best chefs from around Europe and beyond. Tourists and locals who prefer experimental and avant-garde cuisine will love this place. Milan is not a destination for those looking for traditional cuisine; instead, the city is famed for trendy delicacies like Risotto Alla Milanese and innovative chefs. Langosteria, Pescaria, Dongio, Ratana, and many others are among the city’s must-visit restaurants. Milan also has some of the best gelato stores in the world, including Il Massimo di Gelato, Gelataria Paganelli, and Gelato Giusto.

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9 Azores, Portugal

The locally produced fresh fruits and innovative seafood cuisine are what make the Azores a must-visit destination in Portugal. Aside from that, the city also serves diverse local recipes and it is highly abundant in aquatic life, so many guests will have an opportunity to try freshly caught fish or tuna. It is prepared in various ways, may it be in bouillabaisse, in soups, or grilled. Octopus braised in aromatic wine, barnacles, locust lobsters, limpets, and a variety of other seafood dishes is also worth trying.

8 Brussels, Belgium

Brussels has some delectable treats that will appeal to both sweet tooths and cuisine experts. From the popular Belgian chocolate and waffles to beer and Moules-Frites, foodies will surely enjoy visiting Brussels. The Museum of Cacao and Chocolate and The Maison des maitres-chocolatiers belges are both interesting to visit together with the Museum of Belgian Breweries. Restaurants serving Belgian cuisine include Rugbyman 1, Restaurants Gou, L’atelier De Willy, and Viva M’boma. Anguilles au vert, Moules Frites, Brussels black pudding, and country sausage are among must-try foods.

7 Paris, France

French gastronomy offers a wide topic that must be experienced firsthand to be fully comprehended and enjoyed. In the city of love, several excellent French restaurants are serving high-quality cuisine and delicacies such as truffles, foie gras, and seafood. Aside from the cuisine, it is impossible to visit France without trying the country’s famed pastries and desserts, including baguette, chocolate, and croissants. A cruise with Bateaux Parisiens or Bateaux Mouches is also recommended for travelers seeking a fine-dining or romantic dinner experience.

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6 Istanbul, Turkey

As per the culinary map spanning the 81 cities of Turkey, Turkish cuisine is rich with 2,205 local dishes and beverages, making it one of the world’s most renowned cuisines. Among the cuisines are different types of vegetable dishes, meat dishes, soups, salads, and pilaf. Aside from that, the city is also popular for its street food and it is not limited to specific locations. Jacket potatoes in the Ortakoy area, mussels in Kavak, and fish sandwiches in the area of Eminonu are among the must-try delicacies.

5 Venice, Italy

Venetian cuisine today consists of a diverse variety of dishes, the majority of which are centered on seafood and fish from the Venetian Lagoon. On the other hand, vegetarian and meat dishes are among the traditional dishes. Spaghetti sauce with squid ink, deep-fried calamari, sarde in saor, and baccalà mantecato are among the popular must-try served dishes. Furthermore, meals in Venice are ideally served with a glass of Venetian wine or the Un bicchiere di vino.

4 Lisbon, Portugal

The gastronomy in Lisbon is as enticing as the capital and its surroundings, from their custard tarts or pastéis de Belém to the popular grilled sardines. The latter is highly popular throughout the country but is especially served during the Popular Saints celebrations in Lisbon which take place every June. It’s seasoned with extra virgin olive oil and served with grilled peppers. Aside from the custard tarts, cheese tarts, walnuts, and egg & almond pastries are also must-tries when it comes to desserts.

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3 Madrid, Spain

Madrid’s cuisine is distinct, including regional delicacies like tapas, snails, and a three-stage stew. Travelers to Madrid may try every kind of Spanish cuisine as it’s available throughout the city. Paella, a rice-based dish with a range of ingredients such as seafood, mixed meat and shellfish, and ribs with chicken, is a trademark of Spanish cuisine. For tourists who want a traditional paella, the La Paella de la Reina which is located near Gran Va is the perfect place to go.

2 Munich, Germany

Munich’s native specialty has long been known as German beer. However, aside from its craft breweries, the city’s cuisine focuses on meat, bread, vegetables, and potatoes. Boiled white veal sausage, braised pork knuckle, and a loaf-formed sausage are all must-try dishes. Furthermore, Andechser and Beim Sedlmeyer are two of the most popular restaurants among the locals since they serve high-quality ingredients. Fisch Witte and Schlemmermeyer are two must-visit restaurants for the best seafood and pork roast sandwich.

1 Canberra, Australia

Canberra is known for being Australia’s cuisine capital, which is why a lot of tourists won’t find difficulties in looking for the top restaurants in the city. Australians are fond of meat dishes, particularly veal and lamb, but their cuisine also includes a wide range of seafood and fish making it a haven destination for foodies. A beef pie served with gravy sauce is known as the national dish, so tourists can expect this dish in any fine-dining restaurant. Furthermore, the most popular dessert throughout the nation is the Pavlova, a fruit meringue delicacy.

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