The most scenic train rides in the world are here to inspire wanderlust and, if you’re moved enough, perhaps even your next big vacation.

With global warming becoming a more serious issue and ecotourism expanding, taking a train is an attractive, sustainable option. It is stated that the trip is more important than the destination. Nothing can beat the likes of a train journey for romance and window-side scenic chances. Here is a list of the most beautiful train trips tourists may enjoy throughout the world.

10 Rocky Mountaineers, Canada

The Rocky Mountaineer’s great voyage to the West, which travels through the beautiful landscape of southern British Columbia connecting Vancouver and Banff, is among the most scenic train excursions in Canada. Travelers have rewarded stunning vistas from the luxury of opulent wagons as they leave the sophisticated coastal metropolis of Vancouver beyond, along with the untamed waters of Hell’s Gate in Fraser valley and mountainous terrain running beside the Thompson River. Moreover, the trip begins with an overnight stop in Kamloops, before soaring over the Canadian Rockies and eventually settling in lovely Banff.

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9 Glacier Express, Switzerland

The Glacier Express, which links the two most gorgeous mountainous destinations in Switzerland, Zermatt and St Moritz, is the most peaceful route to appreciate the wonderful landscape of the Swiss Alps. The day-long journey east from Zermatt includes several bridges and tunnels as it passes through the breathtaking hamlets, mountain ranges, and pristine lakes of southern Switzerland. The Oberalp Pass, as well as the Landwasser Viaduct, are landmarks of the route.

8 West Highland, Scotland

The West Highland Line, which goes through one of the most varied terrains in the nation, is a fantastic opportunity to discover Scotland’s beautiful coastline. As soon as the train departs Glasgow, the metropolitan backdrop gives way to beautiful highlands and peaceful lakes. The West Highland railway travels north, passing through the isolated countryside of Rannoch Moor before arriving in Fort William. After changing directions and heading west, the railway passes via the Glenfinnan Viaduct before touching down at the busy town of Mallaig.

7 The Ghan, Australia

The countryside of Australia is known to be the most breathtaking landscape in the world, and The Ghan provides passengers with the chance to enjoy it in absolute luxury. The Ghan goes from Darwin in its north down to Adelaide in the south, striking a direct route across Australia’s blazing red heartland. It transports travelers from the verdant, tropical shore of the Northern Territory to the rich grasslands of South Australia over the red cliffs of the MacDonnell Alps. Moreover, off-train adventures are also available on The Ghan.

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6 The Flam Railways, Norway

The Flam Railway isn’t the most grandiose of adventures, but it is unquestionably one of the most scenic journeys. In reality, it’s one of Norway’s main attractions and is usually described as being one of the world’s finest train journeys. The railway also goes through steep deep gorges, flowing cascades, as well as high slopes on its journey to the summit terminal of Myrdal. The Flam Railway is also most magnificent during the winter season, whenever the scenery is transformed into a winter paradise by a coating of snow.

5 Riviera Railways, Cannes-Italy

Train travel normally accommodates leisurely travel, but the Riviera Railway is great for individuals with such little time. Travelers are carried in less than 2 hours from Cannes towards Italy, with amazing scenery of the Mediterranean. Photographers will enjoy capturing images of Nice’s Promenade des Anglais, and other travelers will appreciate the opportunity to cross Monaco off their checklist. Whenever the train arrives in Ventimiglia, old Roman ruins and sun-kissed beaches await.

4 Hanoi to Da Nang, Vietnam

The capital of Vietnam is culturally rich, but tourists would be regretful if they did not take notice of the diversified landscape provided by the Reunification Express. Although some would travel the trains from Ho Chi Minh City, the voyage to Da Nang is spectacular in and of itself. Acres of rainforest canopy contrast with modest hamlet vistas and breathtaking cliffside vistas of the South China Sea. Also, Da Nang has French colonial grandeur as well as a couple of centuries of pagodas to offer.

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3 Mumbai to Madgaon, India

There are certainly easier ways of spending a week on India’s Konkan Coast. This half-day railway excursion from Mumbai to Madgaon may conflict with another brunch as well as dinner arrangements, but it’s worthwhile the journey for those who want to indulge in one of the Indian Railways’ greatest lines. Throughout the 12-hour voyage, the Mandovi Express has a tradition of delivering excellent regional food. Travelers will also depart with a delicious meal and good pictures, thanks to the charming rural scenery and excellent meals.

2 Coast Starlight, USA

The Coast Starlight departs from the coastal city of Seattle and comes to a close to the western tip of America, presenting the greatest scenery, cuisine, and entertainment that Amtrak has to serve. Travelers can make it at home in the sightseer area, which overlooks the Pacific Ocean, where azure colors melt into one another and little waves crest in the blue. Furthermore, the main dining room serves as the epicenter of the activity, as odd friendships form and strangers exchange experiences until the train rushes along the correct length of golden coast before breaking into L.A. South Station.

1 Sagano Scenic Railway, Japan

This 19th-century slender railway, the counterpart of Japan’s Shinkansen high-speed train lines, chugs through at 15 miles per hour, providing travelers close-up vistas of the Hozu riverbank. Also, the sweet aroma of cherry blossom trees floats off pinkish bursts of sakura during springtime, but by far the most frequent season to visit is in fall, whenever Japanese maple woods bloom on a rainbow of colors as if the woodlands were on the blaze. Moreover, The hillsides are scorching in colors of dark red and orange, as if they’ve been splattered with painting containers.

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