For women in Singapore, the number one travel destination was Japan at 45%, while domestic travel received over half of the votes in Thailand.

Everyone’s itching for some form of travel – be it for a short getaway, or a long holiday. On that note, with today being International Women’s Day, YouGov’s latest poll showcases where women in APAC would like to travel to mark this special day.

Diving into Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, and Australia specifically, below are the top 10 preferred holiday destinations as voted by women respondents. 


In Singapore, the number one travel destination as indicated by women was Japan at 45%, followed by Taiwan and South Korea at 33% and 31% respectively. Not far off, New Zealand (30%) and Australia (29%) also managed to feature in the top five. 


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Moving over to Indonesia respondents, Bali by far topped the list at 47%. Coming in second is South Korea, while Switzerland featured in the top five with 17% of the votes, the only European destination in the top ten. Following close behind are two Middle East destinations: Dubai (16%) and Saudi Arabia (14%).


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Interestingly, domestic travel received over half of the votes of Thailand’s respondents at 51%. Meanwhile, Japan (41%) and South Korea (24%) managed to achieve a spot in the top three. Moving a little further, Switzerland also received slightly less than a quarter of the votes at 23%


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Most women in Australia chose New Zealand (39%) as their top travel destination. Similar to Thailand, domestic travel was also a popular option — the remaining nine out of the top 10 destinations chosen were within Australia itself. Queensland (38%), Tasmania (33%),  Australia (30%), and New South Wales (29%) took up the top five spots apart from New Zealand. 

Taking a deeper look, data shows that the aesthetic value of the holiday destinationlow travel costs (e.g. cheap flights, hotels, activities) and the temperature / climate of their holiday destination are the top factors influencing how women in these four markets select their next vacation spot.  

Low travel costs are a top factor for women across all three Southeast Asian markets of Thailand, Singapore, and Indonesia.

On the other hand, women in Australia, Indonesia, and Thailand say outstanding natural beauty are a major consideration when they choose where to visit for their next holiday. Meanwhile, the temperature/climate of leisure destinations is also top of mind for women in Singapore and Australia. 

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