For many tourists, Australia is a dream country to visit. It has beautiful weather, diverse ecosystems, and some of the most unusual animals anywhere in the world. Tourists can enjoy visiting the big cities of Australia such as Sydney and Melbourne. There are also many beautiful beaches, landscapes, and nightlife. The people of Australia are also friendly and known to be welcoming to visitors! However, here are the top 10 best destinations for tourists.

10 The Sydney Opera House

The stadium Opera House is one of the most recognized structures in the city of Sydney, Australia. The building is an icon and it has identified Australia for many years. With the structure shaped like billowing sails or huge shells, it is a great attraction to visitors and locals.

The Sydney Opera House is one of the UNESCO world heritage sites in Australia due to its magnificent architecture. The place is amazing as it is also surrounded by waters and the famous Royal Botanic Gardens. A lot of performances take place at the Opera house as it has cinemas, concert halls, theaters, studios, and exhibition rooms.

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9 Cradle Mountain

Cradle Mountain is yet another great attraction for tourists and is found in Tasmania- a world heritage site that is 5069 feet above sea level. Cradle Mountain is well known for its biodiversity of animals and plants, rock formations, and beautiful landscapes. In addition, it has the deepest freshwater lake in Australia, Lake St Clair.

Visitors can hike to the mountain through forest tracks enjoying great scenic views and amazing nature. Since the place has cool temperatures, it offers a room for relaxation away from the cities.

8 Daintree Rainforest

It is one of the most known forests in Australia. Daintree Rainforest is found in Queensland and it is on the list of world heritage sites in Australia. The forest is massive as it covers 1200 square kilometers. As a result, it is home to countless species of animals, plants, and insects.

It also holds the record for the oldest tropical lowland forests in the globe dating back 135 years. The abundance of nature in this forest is the greatest attraction as there is so much wildlife, rivers, valleys, waterfalls, and even good views of the beaches.

7 Cable Beach

Cable beach is a unique kind of beach found on the western side of Australia and it is a tourist attraction. It is a top attraction beach in Australia. The beach has beautiful white sands, offers the best views of the Indian Ocean’s blue waters, and is the best place for beautiful sunsets. In addition, it is known for Camel rides.

Around the beach, there are many hotels, and resorts, offer visitors enough services and places to relax.

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6 The Great Barrier Reef

The great barrier reef is a great destination and a must-visit for tourists in Australia. The region has hundreds of islands and over 3000 reef systems. As a result, it is the most remarkable marine landmark in the country. The reef is located in Queensland and offers a vast amount of attractions.

The reef has many islands that a tourist will not get enough of to discover. There is a lot of marine life such as turtles and angelfish. There is plenty of seafood and activities such as scuba diving, snorkeling, swimming, sunbathing, skydiving and so much more. One can also explore the beautiful corals of the region.

5 Kakadu National Park

Australia is a country with plenty of wildlife. As a result, there are several national parks a visitor can tour and enjoy great natural features. One of them is Kakadu National Park which is located in the Northern Territory.

It is well known for its Yellow Waters Lagoon. In addition, the place is full of snake birds, jabirus, crocodiles, white egrets, goannas, jacanas, sea eagles, brolgas, and pelicans. For a person who enjoys animals, this is the best place to visit.

4 Kangaroo Island

It is an island that can be accessed by use of a ferry from the mainland and it is the third biggest island in Australia. A trip to this island comes with many goodies for guests. The main attractions are the white beaches to explore, swim and sunbathe. In addition, there is a lot of native wildlife on this beach as it also neighbors a national park.

One will enjoy hiking in magnificent rocks formed due to eroded granite over millions of years. Other marine activities include underwater scooters and swimming with turtles.

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3 Enjoying The Great Ocean Road

This is for tourists who enjoy road trips and adventure. The great ocean road is a wonder in Australia and a heart-stopping road that covers 150 miles all along the continent’s hemline. It is a road that leaves many people with lasting memories of the experience and sceneries they witness when they take it.

The road offers the best views of a variety of natural phenomena like limestone cliffs and pillars of rocks in the Southern Ocean region. It is a must-visit destination.

2 Uluru

Although Uluru is located outside the cities, it is a destination worth visiting for tourists in Australia. It is a majestic sandstone monolith that is made of ochre-red dust of Central Australia. It is basically in the form of a huge rock. What is important about Uluru is that it is of great significance to the indigenous people of Australia.

It still remains an attraction for tourists and people can visit the place by road, hot air balloon, or helicopter.

1 Blue Mountains National Park

Blue Mountains National Park is found in New South Wales and it is a world heritage. It is a hiking paradise and a favorite for adventure enthusiasts. The mountain is known to cover over 664,000 acres of wilderness with various wild animals. There are waterfalls and great hiking trails.

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