Narcity reached out to the man, who wanted to stay anonymous, after he posted all of his brewery observations to a Reddit thread, including the good and bad elements of each brewery.

If you are planning a brewery tour with your friends next time you’re in Vancouver, you might want to screenshot this list and follow some of the top recommended ones.

The list includes some amazing craft beer options. Even some brewery food recommendations are scattered through here too — so there will be no empty stomachs while drinking.

Bottoms up Vancouver, here is the ultimate list of breweries to hit up.

Main Street Brewing

This stop had the Reddit user’s favourite beer of all.

He said that he ordered the Hula Hula Shake four times even.

It’s a smaller brewery located on Main St., in the Mount Pleasant neighbourhood.

The user also raved about the staff being so great and this brewery being within walking distance of other ones — which makes it a great stop for a brewery tour.

Electric Bicycle Brewing

The user said this place had some amazing flight options and some interesting and “weird” neon decor. It’s also nearby Main Street Brewing. He recommended getting the Air Guitar Cherry Pie Sour beer while there.

Storm Brewing

This place had “unique beers,” according to the Reddit user.

His favourite of them all though was the Pineapple Paradise Pilsner, which he went back multiple times for. You can even drink on a repurposed concrete loading dock here.

Superflux Beer Company

This brewery has “minimalist Scandinavian things going on,” according to the user.

They also have a great variety of beers — including a unique slushy berry beer option.

33 Acres Brewing Company

This brewery has a great polished and modern interior that comes with an extensive beer list. The Mezcal Gose and Sunshine beers were the user’s favourites there.

The Mezcal will basically transport you to Mexico with its delicious taste.

Slow Hand Beer Company

The user said that this spot has a “very industrial setting with a nice outdoor space to spread out and sip beers.” according to the user.

He tried a flight of beers there and liked every single one — which is a great sign.

Bomber Brewing

The user raved about the Salted Lime Lager here — he had this beer a few times actually.

This brewery has an outdoor seating area with music playing, which makes it a great stop with friends.

Andina Brewing Company

The user said that this place has a lot of “South/Central American influence on their beers,” and overall has “really cool and interesting stuff.”

The brewery website says that the ambience is inspired by “the spirit and culture of South America.”

Callister Brewing Co.

This spot really impressed the Reddit user.

It was “exactly what you want from a small brewhouse, the malt and yeast are in the air as you sip your beers,” he said.

Strathcona Beer Company

This warehouse brewery is close to other ones in East Vancouver making it a prime spot for a weekend crawl. The user tried a flight at this brewery and loved everything about it.

Settlement Brewing

The place is more of a restaurant than a brewery according to the Reddit user.

Although, they do serve really great beers. The biggest thing he emphasized was to beware when coming here in the summer because they don’t have air conditioning.

Beere Brewing Company

This spot is across the water, over in North Vancouver! The beer and vibes of this spot are impeccable — so definitely worth the drive or ferry ride.

Strange Fellows Brewing

This spot serves up beer, cider and wine. Friends who don’t love beer can still come and enjoy the atmosphere, with some wine in hand.

Container Brewing Ltd.

The user said that this place has an amazing ambiance and is very industrial.

He did mention that “beer was standard for a local microbrew,” though. Not exactly high praise, but still worth checking out.

Off The Rail Brewing

This spot has good beer flight options and is up the road from Bomber Brewing. It’s another stop to check out in the area next time you’re having a crawl with friends.

Luppolo Brewing Co.

The user had said it was a mistake that he didn’t end up eating here, because “the other table’s food looked/smelled great.”

So, if you are checking out this brewery for the beers, it’s probably worth getting some food options too.

Faculty Brewing Co.

This place has a super modern feel to it. They offer little snacks, many beer options and even kombucha for the non-drinkers.

North Port Brewing Co.

The flights are good here but this is also another spot to be careful when visiting on a hot summer day as it has no air conditioning, according to the user.

House of Funk Brewing

This spot is super fun, just like the name implies! Their beers are really colourful and they have a great outdoor seating area that you can enjoy on a sunny day.

Red Truck Beer Company

“If this list were beers alone it would be top 10, the brewery was nice, big operation there, but not as weird/quirky as the others that I personally like to sit and drink in,” the user said.

Even better, the outdoor seating is dog friendly.


This place usually runs around twelve different taps to try from in their tasting room. If you want lots of options and delicious brews, this is the spot to try.

Powell Brewery

This place has a very relaxed tasting room with delicious beer. It’s owned by a husband and wife duo, which is pretty sweet too.

Parallel 49 Brewing Company

This place offers some great sour beer options and bar bites if you’re feeling like a snack. It has lots of character to it and looks great on an Instagram feed.

East Van Brewing Company

This brewery has a great beer selection and also serves up delicious finger foods, which never hurts.

R&B Ale and Pizza House

The combo of beer and pizza here makes it legendary. It’s also near Electric Bicycle Brewing if you’re looking to make a few stops.

Big Rock

“Beer was fine but I think I just came on a slow/off night, probably better with a big group,” the user said.

Maybe try to hit up this spot on a weekend for more of a busy and fun vibe.

Yaletown Brewing Company

All the Reddit user could say about this place was “Meh,” so maybe it’s a pass?


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