Spring break is a much-needed vacation for kids and parents. The cool winter days are disappearing and shifting to breezy warm afternoons making way for outdoor activities. This weeklong break is the perfect excuse to take a much-needed vacation. There are many great destinations for family-friendly getaways for spring break. Here are three popular spots to consider for spring break destinations or for your next vacation.

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Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic family vacations make dreams come true. Along with the beautiful white sand beaches, rainbows hover over the numerous gorgeous waterfalls at remote wild swimming pools throughout the island. Perfect temperatures year-round offer beautiful blue skies. The lack of skyscraping hotels opens a world of remote family-friendly homestays allowing visitors to see a vast array of stars in the night sky. Visitors to the Dominican Republic will find pristine beaches and the typical activities associated with beach vacations but the Dominican Republic offers much more away from shore.

Scape Park at Cap Cana is a natural theme park blending adventurous activities and cultural experiences. The park features multiple caves, cenotes, and caverns. Swim in the crystal-clear waters of Hoyo Azul’s hidden cenote, swim in a cave, gaze upon amazing geological formations in a network of underground chambers and ride a water hammock into cascading waterfalls. 

The Dominican Republic offers many zip-line adventures through the Caribbean jungle, including one of the longest zip lines in the Caribbean. Soar across the tropical mountain range at heights up to 2,600 feet in the air and marvel at the lush jungle below. 

Active families who want unique spring break destinations can go canyoning in the Damajagua River. Sign up for a tour of the river, many lasting four hours or more, and experience dozens of river diving spots and cliff rappels.

Playa del Carmen

This walkable coastal town sits in the heart of Riviera Maya on the eastern coast of Mexico. Boasting spectacular beaches for snorkeling, plenty of shops, restaurants and family friendly hotels Playa del Carmen has something for everyone.

The Occidental at Xcaret is often referred to as the Disneyworld of Mexico. The all-inclusive hotel lies in the middle of beautiful natural surroundings ensuring visitors enjoy a once in a lifetime vacation. The hotel includes a river flowing through the property where visitors can ride canoes and enjoy the lush forest around the resort. Xcaret also offers 7 swimming pools and a pirate cove for the entire family to explore. Located next to the resort is the Xcaret eco-archaeological park which offers one of the most complete experiences for families and provides over 40 cultural attractions and exhibitions related to the tradition of Mexico.

Take a day trip into the Caribbean Sea to see the elusive whale sharks off the coast of Playa del Carmen. Visitors can choose a variety of charters to get the right tour package for their family. Many whale shark tours include transportation to the marina, snorkel gear, breakfast, snacks and beverages onboard. Swimming with whale sharks is a can’t miss activity when visiting Playa del Carmen.

If your family prefers land activities sign up for one of the many jungle buggy tours. Plunge yourself into the rainforest on your own ATV and visit the many hidden pools and cenotes throughout the area. Most tours provide lunch and snacks so you can refill your energy before getting back on the trail. Some tours will take you to traditional Mayan villages where you can give back to these poor communities and offer an eye-opener for your children about how some people live. Visitors often find young villagers making bracelets to give out as tokens of their appreciation.


No matter which island you visit in Hawaii there is something for the entire family. Whether you prefer the beaches of Waikiki, the jungles of Kauai, or the volcanic deserts of the Island of Hawaii, formally called the Big Island, your family will create experiences to remember for a lifetime. 

One of the first places that comes to mind when people begin planning a trip to Hawaii is Honolulu on the island of Oahu. While Honolulu offers many great tourist experiences, such as Waikiki Beach and Diamond Head, the island has much more to offer outside of the city limits. 

While driving north on the Pali Highway lush mountains will replace the skyscrapers of the city. Visit the North Shore of Oahu to see some of the most famous surfing spots in the world. Waimea Bay is a great place to visit this time of year and offers swimming in underground caverns and cliff diving off the famous Puu Kekaa rock. If the family prefers snorkeling, visit Hanauma Bay for some of the best underwater landscapes in Hawaii. After working up an appetite, visit Haleiwa for a refreshing treat at Matsumoto Shave Ice and don’t forget to add the sweet Azuki beans. When visiting the island of Oahu be sure to spend time in different locations because each area has different experiences and a lot to offer.

The Garden Isle of Kauai features vast jungles and remote beaches. The best place for families to stay while on spring break is the east shore. The east coast offers shopping, restaurants, and hotels. It is also centrally located allowing easy access to the island’s other popular attractions. The weather is unpredictable on Kauai, so always check the local news or applications on your phone before heading out to other parts of the island. The south side of the island is the most family friendly area boasting river pools for swimming, waterfalls, and beautiful grottos. The south island beaches also provide great opportunities for watersports. Finally, the North part of the island is full of lush jungles for hiking and exploring. Many movies were filmed in this area such as Pirates of the Caribbean and Jurassic Park so the kids might find a place that looks familiar.

The largest of the Hawaiian Islands, the island of Hawaii, is the best place to experience the archipelago’s amazing volcanoes. Visit Hawaii Volcanoes National Park to see lava flows from two of the world’s most active volcanoes, Kilauea, and Mauna Loa. Visiting the park at night gives visitors amazing views of lava flows falling into the ocean creating great steam plumes. In addition to the volcanoes, the Big Island is known for its black sand beaches and its tropical rainforests. Here you will find the famous Akaka Falls and Rainbow Falls. When looking for activities for the family consider night diving with manta rays, whale watching, horseback riding and soaking in the hot springs in the Puna district.

No matter which of these destinations you choose for your spring break adventure there will be something for the entire family. Each of these destinations provide amazing opportunities and a variety of activities that will create memories for a lifetime.

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