Mountain biking in India is the answer for vacations with a fun frolic agenda with your group of wanderers. When you get close to nature while mountain riding across rough off-road terrain, the sense of being superman is unrivalled. There are numerous mountain bike adventure sites in India, and you can go sightseeing in and around them.

Here are 5 mountain biking destinations in India for a thrilling experience.

1. Leh, Ladakh

These are considered one of the top destinations for mountain riding because of their strange surroundings. Riding in Leh also entitles bikers to ride to KhardungLa, the world’s highest motorable road. Leh also boasts several really difficult mountains that provide a tremendous challenge for mountain cyclists. Mountain riding is extremely popular in Leh, and many prominent bikers from around the world have ridden there. 


2. Munnar, Kerala

Munnar stands out among India’s cycling routes as having some of the best qualities to offer in terms of adventure. Munnar is home to some of India’s best mountain biking spots. These pathways, which wind their way through Shola forests, cardamom fields, and tea gardens, are fascinating to both amateurs and professionals.

3. Pindari, Uttarakhand

Uttarakhand is a realm unto itself in India, with a plethora of mountain paths. One such location is Uttarakhand’s Pindari Glacier, which provides an outstanding mountain biking experience with some exceptional terrain to ride on. This glacier is located in the upper Kumaon Himalayas, which adds to its Himalayan beauty and natural charm. Though you can always go bicycling on your own, the location provides professional bikers to assist you in your search.


4. Kangra Valley, Himachal Pradesh

Mountain riding in Kangra Valley is one of the most daring hobbies that adventure riders seek out. The breath-taking views of the Dhauladhar range, tea gardens, and pine forests along the way make it one of India’s most difficult mountain treks. The steep hills and difficult climbs along the way continue to put your adventurous spirit to the test. This is one of Kangra Valley’s most fascinating activities. 

5. Sikkim

Because of the numerous hairpin curves at high altitudes, Sikkim’s tourist circuit is a blessing for mountain bikers. The route takes you through beautiful green valleys, snow-capped mountain passes, and centuries-old monasteries, providing a welcome break from the routine of the city. You’ll be surrounded by Sikkim’s fresh mountain air and pass through a number of little villages. After Ladakh, this magnificent India’s best mountain riding track is amongst the most popular mountain biking destination in the country.

Mountain biking is an adventure sport in which you cycle over rough mountain terrain on punishing roads and lanes. Challenge yourself with difficult paths and passes as you cycle through the roads of these mighty destinations.

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