If you’re set on visiting Argentina, you can be understandably excited by the prospect of seeing lots of its fascinating sites — reminiscent of the stunning Iguazú Falls in addition to the provinces of Jujuy and Salta, that are noteworthy for his or her awe-inspiring rock formations.

However, you’re advised to commit the next to memory before heading off. Here are just a few things it is best to know before visiting Argentina.

Argentina’s official currency 

This currency is the Argentine peso, and it could be an excellent idea so that you can have no less than a modest amount of pesos in the shape of physical money at close hand if you end up in Argentina itself.

In an article for Travel Awaits, travel coach Heather Markel warns that “most individuals need to be paid in money” — and attempting to withdraw pesos from ATMs within the country can have haphazard results, as these ATMs will not be all the time reliable.

Argentinians speak Spanish… in a way 

Culture Trip explains: “In Argentina, like most of the remaining of Latin America, Spanish is spoken, but here it is named Castellano.”

This variant of the Spanish language is rooted within the country’s history of attracting large numbers of Italian and Spanish immigrants, meaning that the Spanish here is noticeably Italian-influenced.

Markel insists: “Rest assured that in case you speak any version of the [Spanish] language you’ll find your way!”

things to know before visiting argentina
Image by Brigitte Werner from Pixabay

Where to get free Wi-Fi 

You could enjoy surprisingly good quality Wi-Fi connectivity even just as you’re traveling to Argentina. There are, for instance, Silversea cruises where unlimited Wi-Fi is included in passenger cabins on ships that travel to Buenos Aires. 

Meanwhile, Buenos Aires itself has about 250 free Wi-Fi hotspots, based on Geekybar, which adds: “Many pubs, cafés, and restaurants provide free Wi-Fi to customers.”

Where you should buy SIM cards and prepaid telephone cards 

Prepaid cards can be found from many tobacconists and newsagents — ‘kioscos’ — in addition to cyber cafés, otherwise often known as ‘locutorios’ in Argentina.

For your smartphone, you may buy a neighborhood SIM card at a cell phone retailer or kiosk. The essential telephone networks in Buenos Aires are Movistar, Personal, and Claro.

The high availability of meat

It wouldn’t be harsh to say that Argentina could be a difficult place to be in case you are a vegetarian or vegan, as meat eating may be very much a lifestyle on this South American country.

It is, for a start, resplendent in steakhouses — and any locals you develop into friendly with might invite you to attend a barbecue with them. In any case, the meat served in Argentina is arguably among the many tastiest on the planet.

Dogs are sometimes left to wander

Other than in major cities, people often leave their dogs to wander off-leash in Argentina. You won’t even see lots of them wearing collars.

While these canines are prone to be friendly in case you pet them, they may also follow you. Markel recalls: “I once had three dogs follow me for a complete afternoon! They got here on a hike with me and waited as I entered and exited shops.”

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