The fun of the expedition and the peace of escape somehow get lost in the monotony of life. We all count on travelling to factory reset our souls and unwind our bodies. But what if travel stops serving its purpose? Because that is exactly what comes with the modernisation of peak tourism locations. The serenity of such places gets easily lost in the hustle and bustle of bringing all sorts of conveniences on board. 

Is this your dilemma while planning your next trip?

In that case, we bring you exactly what you need. Read on for a list of underrated travel destinations in India that you can choose from for a secluded-yet-fulfilling experience.

Top Underrated Travel Destinations To Explore This Year

1. Majuli

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Full of green landscapes, Majuli is serene by all means. The beauty of this place is exquisite and serves you exceptional species of birds, tribal cultures, enchanting sunsets, and enthralling views. What more could you ask for while on a vacation?

Best time to visit: October-February

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2. Valparai

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Valparai is more than simply a tiny town; it is a beautifully woven green slice of divine land. Valparai’s scenic landscape and woodlands border the Anamalai Tiger Reserve, Parambikulam Tiger Reserve, Eravikulam National Park, and Vazhachal Forest Division.

Best time to visit: October-May

3. Chaukori

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Chaukori, a small village in Uttarakhand’s Pithoragarh district that shares a border with Tibet, is one of the state’s most pristine and alluring locations. The town provides magnificent views of the Panchachuli massif and other Himalayan ranges.

Best time to visit: October-March

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4. Bangaram

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Bangaram is an uninhabited island in Lakshadweep that is breathtakingly beautiful. It is surrounded by a shallow lagoon and protected by a coral reef. Despite its endearing beauty, the island remains underestimated compared to other Lakshadweep destinations.

Best time to visit: October-March

5. Osian

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Another stunning location, Osian, is located in the Jodhpur district of Rajasthan. It is indeed an underappreciated Indian destination that has successfully avoided urbanization. Between the 8th and 11th centuries, a number of temples were built there, making it a prime location for archaeology research.

Best time to visit: November-March

6. Mokokchung

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You will be charmed by the little-yet-stunning town of Mokokchung. It is absolutely free from commotion. It’s encircled by a verdant forest with winding roads and precarious slopes, and the area is scattered with a few dwellings. According to reports, Mokokchung is home to some of Nagaland’s oldest settlements. The welcoming locals add to the excellent atmosphere of the area.

Best time to visit: September-November

These destinations are perfect for any time you need to flee into the peace of nature. With the ideal season for most of these destinations going on, it’s time to pack your bags!

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