Cherry blossom season is here, which means it’s time to get your cameras ready for that perfect photo in front of one of these gorgeous trees.

The stunning pink blooms are only here for a little bit, so you have to know how to capture them perfectly.

Travel photographer, visual effects artist and blogger, Lies Veldeman, has shared some great tips on how to capture the perfect cherry blossom picture.

She has posted some picturesque nature photos on her Instagram, @nonstopdestination, and you can learn to take photos just like hers.

Not only does she capture great shots around B.C. but you can also catch her adventuring the world capturing nature’s wonders.

Once you see the beautiful shots she has taken, you’ll be scrambling to find out how to do the same.

So, if you’re keen on learning some great photography tips and tricks — you’re in luck.

Knowing when and where is everything 

Knowing where to go and when is a major part of saving time and capturing the perfect moment.

To find out when the cherry blossoms are in their full bloom and where the exact locations are, there is a map made by the Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival, that Veldeman uses.

Pick the best time of day

Timing is key and Veldeman will make sure to capture the blossoms around sunrise or sunset. You’ll want to avoid any harsh mid-day lighting and the sunsets or sunrises will give off beautiful colours in the sky for any backdrop.

Plus, when showing up to take pictures early in the morning or late at night, you’ll get to avoid any crowds!

Work your camera settings

If you’re using an actual camera to take these photos, Veldeman suggests auto-mode for capturing a great shot. She will switch to manual mode for night skies or waterfalls as these do require different types of settings.

She does mention that you really don’t need a professional camera to capture a great shot though. Any photo taken of the cherry blossoms on your phone’s camera can do the trick, Veldeman said.

Be mindful of composition

Veldeman loves to play around with composition and a shallow depth of field for a great shot. A longer lense or wide lens works well for cherry blossoms, she said.

“When shooting cherry blossoms, think of your foreground, midground and background,” she added.

Playing around with this will allow you to create much more dramatic shots.

Be mindful

Veldeman suggests to always being careful when taking photos as you don’t want to harm the trees or flowers as they are quite fragile. There is cherry blossom etiquette out there and many things to keep in mind.

Many of the best cherry blossom trees are in residential areas so be aware of others and try not to disturb the peace.

Don’t forget to enjoy the moment

Enjoy the cherry blossoms and don’t forget to take in all their beauty.

“It’s easy to forget to live in the moment when you’re chasing the perfect photo. You miss out on a truly beautiful memory if you only look through your phone’s camera,” said Veldeman.


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