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These days, there’s no shortage of destinations where you can go and do the usual tourist stuff all while having easy access to cannabis. The changing perspective on marijuana use is slowly but surely opening up the world to people who want to enjoy the effects of the herb while making themselves feel at home in a new location.

If you feel like spending the holidays and celebrating personal milestones elsewhere while also incorporating cannabis products into your everyday activities, make sure to add the following destinations to your possible travel options.


Cannabis enthusiasts from the US who want to stay in Northern America for their holiday can also include Canada in their list of countries to visit. The country has a very liberal approach to the personal consumption of weed for recreational or medicinal purposes. You can have a staycation in the country and simply order herb delivery to your location for a carefree holiday, or you can visit establishments that support cannabis culture and see how people here treat and use weed. 

The Netherlands

Located in Northwestern Europe, the Netherlands is a tourist destination all on its own. It has a storied past, rich culture, natural resources, and highly-functional urban areas that offer its residents and guests alike the means to enjoy a high standard of living. At the same time, though, the Netherlands is a popular tourist destination for people who want to partake in cannabis. Here, one can access the herb in coffee shops, and the recreational use of marijuana is tolerated by the government. If you’re keen on exploring a European country that exemplifies modernity, champions egalitarian values, and tolerates the responsible use of marijuana, the Netherlands is an excellent choice. 


Tourists who want to have easy access to good food and organic weed can plan a trip to Spain for the holidays, particularly its Catalonia region. There are designated clubs in the area where it’s legal to smoke weed, though there are also places where people smoke publicly. The dedicated clubs offer a worthwhile experience, though, as these places are safe and comfortable and they often serve food and drinks for patrons. 


If you’re planning to enjoy a holiday in South America, you’ll be delighted to know that there are plenty of places in this part of the world where you can use weed. On top of the list is Chile, the country with the highest per capita use of cannabis in the continent. It’s best if you stay off the streets when using the herb, as the public production and consumption of cannabis are still illegal here. However, the private growing and consumption of marijuana are both permitted–and clearly, many people who are living in Chile are taking advantage of this fact. 


If you want to witness weed culture firsthand during your holiday, then Jamaica should be at the top of your list of options. Cannabis is locally known as ganja here, and ganja tourists have received a warm welcome in Jamaica since the start of the 21st century. Technically speaking, possessing over 2 ounces of weed is considered a petty crime in the country, something that will not result in any criminal record. It’s also fine to maintain up to 3 cannabis plants for personal consumption. Tourists who want to get medical marijuana in the country need to apply for a permit so that they can purchase small amounts of it. If you’re a Rastafarian, though, you can carry an unlimited amount of the herb for religious purposes. 

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a popular tourist destination among eco-friendly travelers who want to see pristine beaches and explore nature reserves. However, did you know that the country also allows the use of medical marijuana and has recently decriminalized smoking weed? The personal use of cannabis does not carry criminal penalties, but the authorities can close in on people and organizations that distribute the substance. 


Mexico is another accessible holiday venue for avid weed users. There are still legislative issues concerning the use of cannabis in the country, but the Supreme Court of Mexico deemed the laws prohibiting the recreational use of cannabis unconstitutional. There are plenty of places where one can get weed while on a holiday in Mexico, but it’s advised to only get your supply from legitimate dealers to ensure the quality of the product. It’s too easy to get products laced with impurities if you choose to get weed from street sellers, so be careful who you are dealing with. 

Tourists who are based in the United States and wish to enjoy their holidays without leaving the country can enjoy weed in certain states. Do take note, though, that there are places in the US where cannabis remains illegal. Before booking your flight or preparing for a road trip, then, make sure to do your research and double-check how your destination regards the use of cannabis products and their legal limitations.


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