The vibrant city of Chengdu would at all times be a pleasure to explore and experience, offering many charming attractions, attractive restaurants and cafes, enticing shopping opportunities and so forth. Here are some insights which can allow you to plan your visit.

Chengdu City
Chengdu City | Image by adrian x from Pixabay

Getting around

Visitors would find that using the metro could be a very good option to get in regards to the city of Chengdu; there could be quite a lot of metro lines with stations featuring bilingual maps, signs and ticketing machines. You can also think about using sightseeing buses and city buses to get around, while taxis could be one other excellent option.

Things to do

A not-to-be-missed local attraction could be the Chengdu Panda Base where you possibly can observe endearing giant pandas in a natural setting. Other key sites to go to include the renowned Wenshu Monastery, Jinli Ancient Street, People’s Park Chengdu and Qingyang Palace. Consider being based at furnished apartments in Chengdu High-tech Zone CBD akin to those offered by Citadines Gaoxin Chengdu which make a great base for sightseeing in addition to business.


Chengdu is renowned for its spicy and flavourful Sichuan cuisine. Make sure to check out the Sichuan hotpot which is ready with several ingredients. Other popular dishes to savour would come with twice-cooked pork and cold chicken in chilli oil. You would find an array of restaurants in town where you possibly can benefit from the local cuisine at reasonable prices.


Chengdu also happens to be famed for its outstanding shopping opportunities. A well-liked purchase amongst tourists could be the exquisite Chengdu silk brocade. Other interesting items that might make wonderful gifts could be Tibetan-style trinkets, giant panda items, tea sets and tea, and seasonings for Chengdu-style hotpot.


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