“Taj Mahal” is probably the most famous monument on this planet. The king Shah Jahan built this for his most beautiful wife “Mumtaj Mahal”. It is certainly one of the three world heritage sites in India and others are Agra Fort and Fatehpur Sikri. Taj mahal is made up of white marble; it’s probably the most fascinating monument of India. Agra is certainly one of the leading tourist destinations in India; tourism contributes a big part within the economy of Agra. It has at all times been a middle of education and learning. In the mughal era, Agra grew as a middle of Islamic education. The oldest collages of India the “Agra Collages” was formed as Sanskrit school by Scindia rulers within the 12 months 1823.

Agra can also be a great shopping destination in India. Stone handicrafts, brassware leather items are created by traditional crafts men, are world famous for his or her excellent quality. The stone replica of “Taj Mahal” is hottest. Other hottest thing you need to buy from Agra is “Petha” a type of sweet, created from vegetables, could be very famous.

Important spots of tourist interest are the nice “TAJ MAHAL”, “Agra Fort”, “Fatehpur Sikri” and “Sikandra”. Agra Fort was built by the king “Akbar” in 1565. “Fatehpur Sikri” can also be value while, the king “Akbar: has sifted his capital to this city, is 36 km away from Agra. “Sikandra” is the tomb of the king Akbar, is 13 km away from the foremost city.

Agra is a hub of leather industry in northern India and is foremost center of export of leather products to everywhere in the world. Agra’s leather products like shoes, garments, handbags and other leather accessories are of very superb quality. Apart from Agra, “Kanpur” can also be a middle of leather industry, is 260 km away from Agra and 464 km away from “New Delhi”. Agra’s automobile industry also contributed to the economy of the country. Agra is understood because of getting good numbers of clothes manufacturing units. Agra is positioned on the national highway-2; this can also be a great reason for the expansion of the town.

Agra is well connected from all parts of India by Indian Railways network and by road. There is an airport also but only a few flights can be found. Nearest international airport is New Delhi the capital of India is 204 km away from Delhi. Lots of trains can be found from New Delhi to Agra roughly a train every hour. Local mode of transport is shared auto rickshaw; tourist should at all times avoid this. The best way is to rent a taxi either from the pre paid booth at Railway Station or there are tons of travel agents there, don’t forget to bargain with these agents.

Agra is incredibly hot during summer; temperature may be as much as 48 degree Celsius. One should at all times avoid visiting Agra during this season. Rainy season starts from July till September. The may be heavy rain and dirt storms on this season; don’t forget to hold water proof clothes and an umbrella. The best time to go to Agra is in October, November, January and February. December is incredibly cold.


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