An inspiring journey from Benidorm to Venice

30 women rowed 32 kilometres from Benidorm through to Venice, raising greater than €6,000 to help cancer patients.

The Anemona Marina Baixa rowing team, the Self-Help Group for Women Affected by Breast and Gynaecological Cancer of Benidorm and the region, undertook a rowing challenge ranging from Benidorm and ending in Venice. 

The project took a month to finish, as the ladies travelled through Italy, joined by the Benidorm Nautical Club, the mayor Ana Pellicer and the councillors of Equality and Sports, Angela Zaragozi and Javier Jorda. 

“Multitudinous and memorable,” the journey raised funds for Geicam, a breast cancer research group consisting of greater than 900 researchers who work across 200 centres in Spain. 

Each of the participants voluntarily donated a minimum of €100, and Anemona as a bunch, contributed €6,000 to support the battles of cancer patients.

Not only has their inspirational journey left a mark in medical advancements but it surely also contributed to ecological sustainability, coinciding with the Vogalonga 2024 route, raising awareness of the negative impact of motor boats.


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