If you’re hoping to holiday in Doha this summer, don’t forget to incorporate a visit to the attractive Banana Island in your itinerary. Here’s what to anticipate during your visit to this island!

Geographical Distinctiveness

Banana Island, positioned within the Arabian Gulf, stands out amidst the man-made islands of the region with its distinctive crescent shape resembling a banana. The island’s unique form naturally creates a sheltered harbour and features an 800-meter beach, making it an intriguing addition to Qatar’s artificial island landscape.

Image via Banana Island Resort Doha


Banana Island is conveniently accessible from Doha, requiring only a 20-minute ferry ride or a 10-minute helicopter journey from Hamad International Airport. Its proximity to the mainland enhances its appeal as a fast getaway destination for locals and tourists searching for a change of scenery.

Marine Infrastructure

The island boasts its own marina equipped with 30 berths, catering to the needs of yacht and boat enthusiasts. A dive centre on the island offers opportunities for underwater exploration, appealing to each novice and experienced divers.

Recreational Activities

Banana Island offers an array of water-based recreational activities, including popular options just like the doughnut ride and banana boat rides. Guests based at Banana Island Resort Doha, which is certainly one of the luxury resorts in Doha, have the chance to immerse themselves in thrilling aquatic adventures while having fun with the scenic surroundings of the island’s unique shape.


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