One of probably the most beautiful coastal cities in Sri Lanka, Negombo gives you a glimpse of the island’s culture, livelihood, and lifestyle. From famous historical landmarks to relaxing beaches and vibrant nightlife, there may be nothing Negombo lacks. Here are a few of the very best places to go to in the realm.

Negombo Beach

Needless to say, Negombo Beach is the highlight of town, with a deep blue ocean gracing the golden sands, and a whole lot of fishermen launching their boats into the ocean on daily basis. The sunsets listed below are breathtakingly beautiful, and the nightlife across the beach roads is all the time buzzing. You can loosen up, take a swim, and treat yourself to some delicious seafood at any of the Negombo beach hotels akin to the famous Club Hotel Dolphin.

Dutch Fort

Negombo Dutch Fort | Image by Zapata1000 via Wikimedia Commons,CC BY-SA 4.0

The fort dates back to the 17th century and holds an interesting story behind it. Legend says the fort was built to guard the interests within the region, by the Dutch who invaded the country. Today, the fort is a spot to loosen up, benefit from the breeze, and observe the fascinating colonial constructions. The gates, ramparts, and ruins give a classic backdrop to your pictures too.

Angurukaramulla Temple

This beautiful Buddhist temple comprises probably the most beautiful carvings and stunning architecture. You will discover a large statue of Buddha and plenty of other smaller statues and paintings that decorate the place. Enter a zen frame of mind and revel in the peace and calm within the temple to flee the hustle and bustle of town.



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