Fridays are the cheapest day for UK holidaymakers to travel, new research has revealed.

In a year when millions will be looking to get away – but the cost of living is rising – travellers will be looking to save on their trips abroad as much as possible.

Travel website Skyscanner has revealed the top tips on how to save on your travels.

Choosing which date you fly out on on is a sure fire way to ensure you get a good deal, it said.

Naomi Hahn, Skyscanner’s vice president of strategy, said: “Flight prices are all based on supply and demand. Because some dates are more popular than others, prices will vary. On average, you can save 9 per cent by travelling out of the UK on a Friday.

“The ‘whole month’ search tool on Skyscanner allows you to see cheap flights immediately and pick the right deal for you.

“Consider travelling a day before or a day after your original departure dates, flying on less popular days of the week is always cheaper.”

Another top tip to save on holiday prices include setting up prices alerts. These make sure you will be the first to know as prices drop with any additional discounts or added supply.

Ms Hahn said it’s also important to consider all options when thinking about travel.

“2020 saw new destinations rise in popularity as corridors shone a light on some surprising gems, for example, swapping your usual break on the Costas for Croatia could be an unexpected delight.”

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With a search to “Everywhere” on Skyscanner, you will get a range of options based on your travel dates, all ranked by price.

This means you could find a new holiday destination that doesn’t break the bank.

To save money on flights, customers are also encouraged to mix and match their airlines to get the best deals.

Ms Hahn added: “Not just a summer fashion trend, mix and matching the airlines and airports you choose to fly with and from can seriously cut costs.

“Fares don’t have to be booked as returns, look at flying out with one airline and back with another, or out of one airport and back into another, can save money.”

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Price is of utmost importance, research from Skyscanner found, with 36 per cent of UK survey participants stating that cost was one of the most important factors when booking a trip abroad in 2022.

As such, the ability to compare prices is key and hacking your holiday costs has never been more crucial.

“The British public have an unwavering love of travel and we’re keen to turn these pent-up dreams in to an affordable reality.

“We’re seeing renewed importance being place on travel. Price has always been a key determining factor in the travel choices people make, and with more and more people returning to the skies and summer holidays on the horizon, getting a great deal is top of mind for many.

“What we are seeing is that travel providers continue to support the return of travel with competitive fares.

“As demand begins to match supply, it’s important to know how to weigh up your options and tailor plans to get the best price – whether it’s flying out a day or two early, hopping on a train to a nearby alternative airport or exploring an alternative destination that’s a fraction of the cost.

“Making your well-earned money work harder for you is top of our agenda so we’ve run the numbers based on thousands of bookings to reveal the best value destinations this year, along with the best time to book those flights.”

Skyscanner’s best value flights for 2022

Milan has been named as the best value flight for 2022, when compared with prices to pre-pandemic 2019 levels.

The average return fare is just £38 in May 2022, 63 per cent cheaper than May 2019 when prices sat at an average of £102.

The best time to book these flights is six weeks in advance of departure.

Meanwhile, Marrakech was the second best value destination with return flights costing £89, compared to £171 three years prior – a saving of 48 per cent.

Holidaymakers looking to save should book 13 weeks in advance.

Rome and Paris were also found to be good value locations with prices 47 per cent and 46 per cent cheaper in May 2022 than May 2019, respectively.

Trips to the Italian capital are just £80 for return flights with customers encouraged to book six weeks in advance whilst travelling to Paris can cost just £71 with holidaymakers able to book just one week ahead of time to get the best deal.


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