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Cape Town has been revealed as the seventh most popular city break destination globally, according to research data for over 1,200 cities in over 130 countries! The data was analysed by Hotel chain Premier Inn.

where the world wants to city break

Cape Town Revealed As One Of The World’s Most Popular City Break DestinationsTaking a city break remains a firm favourite travel choice for many holiday-goers, and Dubai tops the list for South Africa’s city break searches, with 12,000 Google searches in South Africa for the city with the world’s tallest building.

Here are the city break destinations South Africans are searching for most:

South Africa’s 5 Most Popular City Break Destinations

Google Data Reveals The Most Popular City Breaks Around The World

  • Premier Inn used Google search data to discover the top city break destinations for over 130 countries around the world.
  • Cape Town was revealed as the seventh most popular city break destination in the world, with it being the favourite of six countries around the world.
  • South Africans’ most searched for city break destination is Dubai (in the United Arab Emirates), followed by Paris and Amsterdam.
  • Globally, the most popular city break destinations are Dubai, Paris, Boston, Madrid and Singapore.The city break remains a firm favourite travel choice for many holiday-goers, giving them the chance to explore different architecture, cultures and lifestyle. But where are the most popular destinations for city breaks?

To find out which city each country wants to visit the most, Premier Inn used a list of over 1,200 cities in the world to find out which are being Googled the most worldwide. While Dubai topped the list with 21 of the countries reviewed researching things to do in the UAE, Paris, Boston, Singapore and Amsterdam also made the top ten.

Where The World Wants To City Break The Most

6 countries want to visit Cape Town: One of South Africa’s capital cities, Cape Town is ranked as the seventh most popular city break destination loved by countries around the world, being the favourite of holiday searchers from Botswana, Namibia and Zimbabwe. Known for its rich culture including its vibrant music scene and famous cityscape including Table Mountain, Cape Town remains a firm favourite for the city break.

While Cape Town ranked highly for other countries looking to visit the city, South African holidaymakers were searching for city breaks further afield.

The Most Popular City Destinations In South African Searches

When looking at the most popular city break destination across the globe, the results show that Dubai is the most popular amongst South African holidaymakers, followed by Paris and Amsterdam, with many popular European cities taking a spot in the top 10.

1. Dubai
2. Paris
3. Amsterdam
4. Doha
5. Dublin
9.Abu Dhabi
A spokesperson from Premier Inn commented:

“City breaks have always remained a great holiday choice for many, with a mix of landmarks, nightlife, history and adventure, travellers can experience a range of different activities within a small area thanks to great transport links, meaning tourists can see more in a shorter timeframe,” says Premier Inn.

21 countries want to visit Dubai: Dubai was the top searched-for city break for 21 countries out of the 136 countries analysed, making it the world’s favourite city break destination, its sunshine and glistening, luxurious lifestyle being a key draw for many visitors. Countries planning their city break destinations to Dubai included mainly African and Asian countries, with it being the top search for Kenyan, Nigerian and South African, as well as Saudi Arabian, Indian and Maldivian holidaymakers.

16 countries want to visit Paris: The Eiffel Tower and the Notre Dame are just some of the top landmarks visitors can expect to see on a visit to the city of love, and it was the top city break choice for 16 out of the 136 countries analysed. Paris seemed to be a firm favourite of European countries with it topping the search for the likes of Belgium, Italy, Netherlands and Portugal, as well as several African countries such as Benin, Congo and Guinea.

12 countries want to visit Boston: The US city of Boston also secured itself a place as one of the most coveted city break destinations, topping the list of searches for 12 countries. Massachusetts city was the most searched-for city in many North and Central American countries including Barbados, Canada and Grenada.

A full breakdown of the most popular city break locations can be found at:


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