This month of light-filled exuberance and life-changing reflection for Muslims can also be a precious and touching experience for travellers in Dubai from all walks of life who seek an elevated experience on this cutting-edge, larger-than-life oasis.

Image via Anantara Downtown Dubai

Intricate Cultural Glimpses

While many associate Ramadan with long days of fasting and nights of feasting, enhanced consciousness of God is the quintessential theme, and the spectacular architectural marvels of Imam Hussein Mosque, Khalifa Al Tajer Mosque, and the Jumeirah Mosque are open for insightful tours into culture and religion while also satiating your thirst for beauty, art, and history.

Delicious Iftar Banquets

While Dubai is iconic for its tradition-infused futuristic skyline, mind-boggling retail centres, exhilarating desert escapades, and intimate Bedouin-style campouts within the vast star-spangled dunescape, its succulently diverse food culture can’t be omitted! If you’ve tried all of the mouthwatering Arabic and Emirati dishes and are craving some authentically vibrant cuisine in the very best Indian restaurant in Dubai, enterprise no further than the likes of Anantara Downtown Dubai.

Vibrant Night Markets

While all of Dubai’s lush jewel-toned bazaars come joyously alive during Ramadan nights, the famous Ramadan Night Markets host a whole lot of outlets to entice every brand of shopaholic, together with vivacious mosaic of family-friendly cinematic edutainment workshops, henna painting, games, and artisan activities.

Unmissable Discounts

As this isn’t the height season for tourists in Dubai resulting from the hotter clime, hotels, airlines, tourist attractions, and shopping malls are likely to offer jaw-dropping discounts and fascinating Ramadan offers so as to add much more value to your trip!


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