The third most populous continent in the world is home to the most diverse travel destinations, as it is rich in cultural legacy and has something to offer to every type of traveler. Europe has also produced many great minds who have changed people’s perspectives on life and the world.

Architectural wonders, exquisite artwork in museums and galleries, historical landmarks, street art, and many more things can be found in Europe’s cultural hotspots. Visitors can also view Europe’s stunning scenery, which has inspired some of the continent’s most popular artwork. There are also several cultural events to enjoy with family, friends, and others. As a result, listed below are Europe’s top cultural destinations:

10 Athens, Greece

Athens is regarded as one of the oldest cities in the world and philosophy’s birthplace. It was named after the Greek Goddess, Athena, who was renowned as the “Goddess of Wisdom.” The Greek capital has also been known for being at the forefront of culture with a lot to offer from wonderful gastronomic pleasures, a growing art scene, creative vibes, and explosive nightlife. Must-visit attractions here include the Acropolis of Athens, the Temple of Olympian Zeus, the Parthenon, and the Ancient Agora of Athens.

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9 Plovdiv, Bulgaria

The Bulgarian capital, Plovdiv, is well-known as one of the world’s most ancient inhabited cities. It is a hub for cultural interaction as it hosts a slew of not just national, but also international, festivals and events. Plovdiv was appropriately named the “European Capital of Culture” in 2019, as it transports every visitor into the past with its ancient monuments such as the Ancient Forum with Odeon, the 2nd century Roman Stadium, the Old Town, and the 1st-century theatre.

8 Craiova, Romania

Craiova is well-known for its wonderfully historic structures, such as the Ion Oblemenco Stadium, the Craiova Musical Fountain, and the Metropolitan Cathedral of St. Demetrius. Aside from that, it is also visited because of its green areas, including Nicolae Romanescu Park. It is Eastern and Central Europe’s most expansive Natural Park, with over 800 hectares of greenery. Furthermore, the museums in the city contain treasures and antiques varying from Constantin Brâncuşi’s works to a woman’s skull, which is approximately 30,000 years old.

7 Rotterdam, Netherlands

Rotterdam is popular for being a modern and highly globalized metropolis that is constantly recreating itself. There is no chance visitors will become bored when strolling around the city, with its gleaming skyscrapers, a great harbor, food markets, prominent museums, and fantastic festivals. For visitors interested in architecture, attractions such as De Rotterdam, the Erasmusbrug, the Markthal, and the Rotterdam Central Station are must-see sites. Furthermore, the Cube Houses are also remarkable and popular for visitors.

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6 Basel, Switzerland

Basel is an undeniably cosmopolitan and innovative city, thanks to its mixture of international residents and Swiss excellence. These characteristics are reflected in Basel’s numerous noteworthy structures, many of which were designed by well-known architects. There are 40 museums in the city, covering a wide range of topics and special exhibitions. It also hosts Art Basel, the world’s most prestigious contemporary art fair. In addition, the Old Town, along with the Town Hall and Marktplatz, as well as the charming town of Solothurn, are must-see destinations.

5 Poznan, Poland

Poznan, Poland’s fifth-largest city, is situated midway between Berlin and Warsaw and has a diverse cultural offering, an entrepreneurial mindset, and a vibrant atmosphere. The Billy Goats and the majestic Renaissance Town Hall may be found in the Old Market Place, which is one of the must-see landmarks in the area. Poznan’s massive medieval-style castle, which was built in the early 20th century and is Europe’s newest fortification, may also amaze visitors. Malta Festival, the International Ice Sculpture Festival, Ethno Port, and the International Henryk Wieniawski Violin Competition are among the international events held here.

4 Copenhagen, Denmark

A visit to Copenhagen would be incomplete without learning about the city’s rich history. Copenhagen’s cultural events and art will provide visitors with a sense of the city’s history, artwork, and traditions. Following the battles of 1660, when Denmark was unable to defend its southern borders, the Church of Our Saviour became an important part of the country’s transition to absolute monarchy, making it a must-see destination. The Copenhagen Opera House, St. Alban’s Church, the Thorvaldsens Museum, and the Chirstiansborg Palace are among the other sights to see.

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3 Berlin, Germany

Berlin holds a unique fascination due to its vivid history and dramatic developments over the last two decades. Visitors to the city are not just interested in Berlin’s culture and history, but also in the residents’ way of life. The richness, contrasts, and almost limitless possibilities of the city continue to pique the interest of people from around the world. Must-see sights are Pergamonmuseum, Topography of Terror, East Side Gallery, Memorial of Berlin Wall, the Charlottenburg Palace, and many more.

2 Malaga, Spain

Malaga is a one-of-a-kind European destination that combines traditional with modern, and culture. The Roman Theatre as well as the Old “garum” Pools takes visitors to Roman Hispania. On the other hand, the “Alcazaba” is a stunning symbol of Muslim dominance that is still standing up to this day. For visitors who want to learn more about the Catholic Monarchs’ Reconquista, a visit to the Sanctuary of Victory is a must. Furthermore, other must-visit attractions include Malaga Cathedral, Plaza De La Constitucion, Museo De Artes Populares, and the Picasso Foundation.

1 Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm’s archipelago is often recognized as one of the most beautiful cities in the world, having much to offer to its visitors. It is a fun cultural location to visit, with historic ancient towns, castles, galleries, and museums, as well as architecture, music, and art. The city houses one of the most prominent palaces in Europe, which is the Royal Palace. Meanwhile, the Vasa Museum is one of the attractions no one should miss when visiting the city. Other attractions to explore include the Gamla Stan, Moderna Museet, and Nordic Museum.

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