The U.S. and Europe both have some pretty cool areas to visit, but with the current chaos hindering the travel industry, other destinations are becoming more ideal.

The travel industry is grappling with airline cancellations, short staffing, and rising travel costs, especially on popular destinations. As a result, travelers have been encouraged to choose places that are not overwhelmed with visitors.

“Europe is a top travel destination, hands down. Explore has many spectacular European tours, but we also have once-in-a-lifetime trips on all seven continents. Places like Colombia, Botswana, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, and the U.S. fan favorite, Costa Rica, offering authentic small group experiences led by expert local guides., Michael Edwards, Managing Director of Explore Worldwide, told Travel Noire.

That said, the outlet has listed eight world destinations that are alternatives to tourist-packed destinations. Take a look at the tours offered by Explore Worldwide:

Jordan is known for its picture-perfect desertic areas and ruins and its aged architecture, which can be explored through EW’s tour. Visitors can also visit Jordan’s renowned ‘rose city’ of Petra and Jordan’s rugged beauty and rich heritage in the Wadi Rum Desert and Amman and Jerash.

Botswana also made the list of destinations. It is an excellent location that offers tours of its wilderness and sightseeing of Africa’s most remarkable animals. Travelers have many accommodation options, too, like a houseboat on the delta. And the opportunity to visit Victoria Falls (a.k.a. The Smoke That Thunders).

Thailand has finally opened its doors after closing borders amid the pandemic. Travelers can embark on a tour that ventures through Thailand’s epic cultural journey that explores the heart of Thailand. According to Explore Worldwide, visitors can also experience Bangkok, the village of Sukhothai, and learn about conservation at the Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai.

Mexico is a top destination among many Americans. There is a lot to discover in the country. The tour takes visitors to the ancient heartland of the Aztecs, Zapotecs, and Maya. They can indulge in an authentic food experience at the foodie hub of Oaxaca in Mexico during the tour.

Japan has also recently opened back post-pandemic. Guests on this tour will have an incredible tour experience that takes them from super-modern Tokyo to villages, castles, and temples that remain unchanged from the times of the Shogun and Samurai.

EW offers a ‘magical realism’ tour in Colombia. A destination that boasts a rich culture that has enormous biodiversity. Colombia is widely well-known for its notoriously friendly and welcoming setting.

Saudi Arabia has an unmatched tourism experience. Tourists can enjoy desert adventures or its busy and famous souks, known as the birthplace of Islam.

Last is Costa Rica, which is packed with wildlife. The destination contains 5% of the world’s biodiversity and its thick forests that are home to brightly colored toucans and slow-moving sloths.


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