Discover the Best 4 Newcastle Walking Tours
Discover the Best 4 Newcastle Walking Tours

When it involves tourist appeal, it’s fair to say that the North East of England might be neglected. Travelers from foreign countries usually tend to spend their time in London or Edinburgh. And even for those based within the UK, Tyneside probably falls a way down the list of priorities. But, give it a likelihood and discover the town with the a few of the very best Newcastle walking tours.

This is a shame since this a part of the country offers a wealthy mix of history and culture. Newcastle is sufficiently small, so you possibly can cover much of the town on foot. If you’d prefer, you possibly can put money into a guided walking tour, and discover exactly what the town has to supply.

Guided City Walking Tour

The best solution to get to know the town is to affix a walking tour of Newcastle. You’ll start from the Central Newcastle train station, which is good for those traveling to Newcastle via train. You’ll walk from the station right down to the famous Quayside, from where you’ll enjoy a wonderful view of the famous Tyne Bridge. The river is a key a part of the town, and also you haven’t truly visited Newcastle until you’ve frolicked down here.

Newcastle Walking Tours

A Taste of Newcastle Food Tour

If you would like to sample among the city’s cuisine, then happening a food tour of the town is perhaps worthwhile. A tour of this type is a terrific alternative to researching your restaurants. You’ll get to not only sample the food but meet among the chefs who’ve put it together. Just ensure that you simply’re not walking too quickly after you’re filled up on grub!

Newcastle Walking Tours – The Gory Tour

Like much of the UK, Newcastle has a history that’s occasionally veered into unpleasant territory. This tour places a selected emphasis on the darker chapters of the town’s history. You’ll discover the Castle Keep, and take a glance through the places that were haunted by among the city’s more notorious criminals. Tours of this type don’t just provide historical insight – they’re also wonderful storytelling opportunities. You’ll get a way of the forces which have helped shape the town over the centuries.

The Newcastle Gory Tour

Private Newcastle Pub Tour

Newcastle is known for its distinctive Brown Ale, but there’s way more to the town than that. If you’re a fan of boutique craft beers, then you definitely’ll appreciate a stroll through among the more obscure microbreweries, in addition to the normal pubs. A very good pub tour is a bit of bit greater than a pub crawl. You’ll also get lectures and informed chat concerning the products you’re having fun with.


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