As the days of lockdowns and restrictions seem to be coming to an end, there is hope that 2022 might be the year that we can finally start planning some much needed holidays. Whether it’s a city break, a yoga retreat, a long, relaxing beachside stay on a sunny island, or an activity holiday, make the first post-COVID holiday you take a memorable one. With a bit of luck, we just might be able to get away and finally enjoy some much-needed downtime.

When planning and booking a trip, it is worth keeping a close eye on foreign travel advice for those travelling from the UK. As it stands, many places are open to people who are fully vaccinated or recovered from COVID, while other locations may require quarantine. This changes as new variants emerge so it is important to stay informed and aware of regulations at your destination.

Holidays in Europe

Europe has a lot to offer holidaymakers, even if you are travelling on a budget. When preparing for your first post-pandemic holiday, whether it’s in 2022 or even 2023, there are a few factors to take into consideration. First, it is worth researching your destination carefully and ensuring you are aware of any travel regulations required. Each country may differ when it comes to visitors and certifications, and rules and regulations are changing frequently, so be sure to stay up to date on travel requirements at your destination to avoid disappointment.

Europe has something to offer every kind of traveller – from foodies to party-people to adventure-seekers. If you want to get the most out of a holiday in Europe but don’t have a huge budget, here are some travel tips that may help inspire your plans:

  • Keep an eye out for hotel deals, particularly mid-week bargains.
  • Booking flights and hotels well in advance of your trip is a good way to pinch pennies and find the best deals.
  • Make the most of night trains. If you are travelling in Italy, for example, take advantage of night trains from Rome to Venice. This will allow you to stretch your budget while experiencing 2 superb Italian cities on your trip.
  • When eating out in a new city or town, explore the local restaurants that are perhaps off the beaten track. They tend to offer the best, most authentic food experience at better prices than those on the tourist trail.
  • Opt for an inter-rail ticket and visit a selection of countries on a single trip. Inter-rail tickets let you hop and off trains around Europe and are a great way to explore lots of different places without breaking the bank.

Packing and Preparing for a Trip

It has been a long time since travel was available and accessible for the majority of us in the UK. When packing for your first post-pandemic holiday, keep in mind these travel tips to travel in style. Many of us may be rusty when it comes to the art of packing and may need a refresher on how to stay stylish while on the go. For instance, remember that for longer flights, some chic loungewear for travel will be your best friend! Soft, comfortable, and very Instagram-friendly, it makes a great addition to any holiday bag.

When packing and preparing for a trip, keep a checklist on your phone of the most important items you need to pack – such as phone, charger, passport – along with a ‘health kit’ of items that will be handy to have no matter where your destination is. This kit may include masks, hand gel, and sanitiser wipes. Bringing your original vaccination card along with your passport is also recommended.

Europe has plenty to offer in terms of both short weekend trips and long, 2-week breaks. From sun and sea in countries like Spain, Italy and Greece, to mountains and great hiking trails in Switzerland and Austria, and superb food and wine in Italy and France, it is a great place for families, couples, and friends to travel and explore. Find inspiration online and start planning your long-awaited dream trip today.


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