Pasikuda, a tranquil beach town on the coasts of Sri Lanka, is best known for its sun-kissed beaches. However, there’s way more than simply a tan that awaits its visitors – it’s got history and culture enough to satisfy even essentially the most curious of travellers. Aside from its crystal clear waters and golden sands, there are also remnants of historical occupation, religious icons, and natural formations of great splendour.

Pasikuda Bay

Right beside Batticaloa Town, is Pasikuda Beach and Bay, an immaculate stretch of beach two kilometres long. Popular across the country, and even the world to an extent, it’s considered a wonderful swimming destination and a fantastic pick for family vacations. The town can also be popular enough to have luxury properties equivalent to the Maalu Maalu Resort and Spa along the coastlines for any discerning tourist.

Batticaloa Dutch Fort

As a rustic, Sri Lanka has been colonized repeatedly – the evidence lies in such historical fortifications because the Dutch fort in Batticaloa, which still houses just a few government departments to this present day. Originally built by the Portuguese and used as an administrative centre, it’s an excellent window into Sri Lanka’s past, which stands with relative durability today.

Batticaloa Lagoon

Although there’s much talk of Sri Lankan beaches, the lagoons of Ceylon are only as impressive. One example is the Batticaloa Lagoon, stretching 56km across. With lush biodiversity and exquisite sights, the mangroves and shrimp farms present in its depths provide great flavour to the scenery, so ensure to not miss out on visiting this when leaving your Pasikuda resorts.

The Kokkadicholai Thaanthonreeswarar Temple

Kokkadicholai Thaanthonreeswarar Temple
Image via Wikimedia Commons – Arulmolivarman11, Kokkaddi thanthonreesvarar, CC BY-SA 4.0

Located an hour’s drive from Pasikuda, the Kokkadicholai Thaanthonreeswarar temple is probably the most historic and culturally significant Hindu temples in Sri Lanka. Dedicated to Lord Shiva, the colourful facade seen from the Temple’s entrance beckons visitors to pay their respects to an icon of Hindu culture. Many myths and legends surround the temple, adding to its exotic outlook.


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