Dublin, itself, is a historic city, and these places within city limits are 100% worth visiting during anyone’s first time there.

Dublin is the capital city of Ireland and can be found on the eastern coast of River Liffey. The city is popular for many things and history is one of them. Dublin is a city characterized by castles from the 13th century, churches, parks, and other structures that all carry a great history of the country.

Being the capital of the country, it receives a high number of tourists every year as many people arrive there before going anywhere else. It is also because there are many systems and businesses that attract people. Here are the most historic destinations to find when visiting Dublin.

10 The General Post Office (GPO)

The General Post Office is found on O’Connell street and it is an iconic historic site worth visiting in Dublin. The office was designed during the Greek Revival and it still serves as a post office. It carries a lot of history, especially of Irish volunteers during the Easter Rising in 1916. It also means a lot to the people as it ties to the struggle for independence. Visiting the place is not difficult as one needs to obtain a ticket, then get a guide for one hour to explore and learn.

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9 Dublin Castle

The Dublin Castle is very popular and its construction finished in 1204. It was used as the original Celtic settlement place. The castle has survived so many things over the years and it is still standing strong. However, what is even more impressive is its amazing architecture, decorations, materials used, items inside, and the design that make up its history. When visitors get into the castle, they are able to tour different rooms and learn more about its history. Some of these rooms were used by the royal families.

8 National Museum Of Ireland

For someone looking to get as much history as possible in one place, then the National Museum of Ireland is the best place to visit. It has a total of four branches with three being found in Dublin. These three branches which cover Natural history, decorative arts, and history are a must-visit. Visiting the museum is not only a chance to learn about the culture, rituals, politics, and history of Irish people, but it is also inspiring, enlightening, and entertaining.

7 Kilmainham Gaol

Kilmainham Gaol is known as a prison in the city. It is a great tourist attraction site for the history it holds. The prison was used to host several Irish leaders who served their sentences there in the past. It also has a small museum that showcases the overwhelming realistic fight for independence by the Irish people.

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6 Trinity College Library

Trinity College library is a historic place for Irish people and the whole world. It is considered a center for the history of the country. Additionally, the place has been used by several prominent or rather notable literacy figures such as Jonathan Swift, Samuel Beckett, Oscar Wild, and the former president Mary Robinson. The library is one of the most beautiful ones in the world and it is worth touring. The old library is popular for its amazing collection of books and especially on history. With the library having a unique Long Room, which is considered an architectural wonder, it can hold 200,000 books within a 200 feet space.

5 Christ Church Cathedral

It is the most popular church one will come across in Dublin. For a tourist who is interested in learning about religious history, then this is a good place to visit. It is an imposing-looking structure that has been in the city for so many years. It is also a tourist attraction as it’s the oldest building in the whole city. Due to the architecture, and history of the church, there are guided tours. During the tours, one gets a chance to be admitted to the crypt as well as climb all the way to the belfry.

4 Ardgillan Castle

Ardgillan Castle is yet another popular and interesting castle worth visiting in Dublin. It is located just 20 miles from the city and is worth visiting. It was constructed by the Robert Taylor family in 1738. The castle is magnificent and sits on a 200 acres residence home. It is a castle that takes up country styling in its construction. Today, the castle is a popular destination for many people and is used for several public functions such as weddings.

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3 Ha’penny Bridge

Ha’penny Bridge is a worthwhile visit as it’s the most iconic bridge in the city and is found on River Liffey. The bridge takes an elliptical arch design and stretches for 150 feet. The bridge is so beautiful it has become the most photographed in Dublin. It serves to connect the southside and northside of the city. The bridge also has a lot of history as it was first used in 1816. It was used as a footbridge and is still standing to date.

2 National Gallery Of Ireland

This is a must-visit place for people who love art. It is the most popular gallery in the city and full of fine art and culture pieces. The gallery is found in a structure built in 1854 and provides great master paintings for the public to see. The free admission makes discovering cultured art even more worthwhile.

1 Irish National War Memorial Gardens

The gardens are found in Islandbridge in Dubin. They are beautiful gardens that also serve as a memorial for the Irish war. The area is a dedication for around 50,000 Irish soldiers that died during the Great War.

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