Tourists can play a crucial role in preserving cultural sites and supporting economic growth in countries like Sri Lanka. However, it’s necessary to support the best establishments, as tourism can result in quite a lot of exploitation of rural industries, wildlife and the environment. Read on to learn how you may help.

Visit eco-friendly hotels

Hotels are sprouting at a rapid pace on the island. Some establishments begin their constructions without proper permits, endangering wildlife and habitat. Try your best to book accommodation at hotels in Sri Lanka that mix in with the natural terrain and use biodegradable means for construction and disposal of waste. The likes of Aitken Spence Hotels will be a very good choice to look out for.

Support rural communities and Fair Trade products

You can support the livelihoods of Sri Lanka’s rural communities by sticking to Fair Trade commodities. This way it ensures there isn’t a exploitation of labour, and the exertions of the expert employees is paid off.

Refrain from supporting animal exploitation

Refrain from elephant rides, safaris that endanger the welfare of the animals/environment and deep sea whale watching that disturbs the creatures. Choose reputable and trusted authorities with ethical/welfare standards.

Engage in community-based tourism initiatives

Ethical Tourism in Sri Lanka
Ethical Tourism in Sri Lanka – Image via Wallpaper Flare

Participating in community-based tourism initiatives means that you can directly contribute to the well-being of local communities. By engaging in activities corresponding to village visits, homestays, or cultural exchanges, you may support the local economy, learn in regards to the authentic culture of Sri Lanka, and foster meaningful connections with the residents.




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