Summer is just around the corner, which means outdoor adventuring is becoming more feasible each day. As a result, avid overlanding fans may find themselves looking for a few top destinations to add to their maps.

This article looks at some of the top nature-inspired travel destinations of 2022. Each spot highlighted offers breathtaking views, quiet campsites, and the wide-open road, making it easy to get back to nature.

The Top Outdoor Destinations to Visit in 2022

The United States and Canada are not lacking in breathtaking natural destinations. Overlanders have a wealth of terrains and views to experience, from mountain passes and forested reserves to wide-open deserts and grassy plains.

The destinations below each offer a sense of adventure, coupled with a unique wilderness experience that makes travelers fall in love with nature all over again.

Enchanted Rockies Trail – New Mexico to Colorado

Travelers looking for a week-long adventure through the mountains may find this overlanding trail worth a closer look. The route is ideal for touring during the summer months and offers spectacular views. This trail covers 800 miles, but travelers can split it into nine different segments, allowing shorter overlanding adventures.

Some of the top experiences to look out for include nine national forests. Additionally, there are two national parks along the route, including the Great Sand Dunes National Park and Rocky Mountain National Park.

While it may look precarious, 4WD vehicles can tackle the trail, making it ideal for family adventures.

Engineer Pass Road – Colorado

Overlanders looking for a relatively easy route that offers spectacular mountain views may want to try the Engineer’s Pass Road in Colorado. The trail takes between five hours and two days to complete, depending on the adventurer’s choice of pace.

Travelers will find several places to camp along the short 31-mile trail. Additionally, the route itself is relatively simple to travel, although keep in mind the first two miles come with a few tricky areas.

However, it is the sights that provide the main attraction. Overlanders can explore several ghost towns as they traverse the San Juan Mountains and even take in the historic but abandoned Mickey Breen Mine. However, it must b said that the main attraction comes in the form of the “Oh Point,” a 13,000ft point that provides a breathtaking 360-degree view of the mountain range.

Trans-Wisconsin Adventure Trail – Wisconsin to Lake Superior

Adventurers looking for a more forest-style nature experience may enjoy the over 600-mile Trans-Wisconsin Adventure Trail. The route snakes its way from southern Wisconsin to the dazzling Lake Superior.

Additionally, the trail offers very few terrain changes along the way, mainly remaining gravel or lightly paved surfaces. However, a few dirt roads through the forests provide a little excitement. Better still, it is suitable for high-clearance vehicles too.

Adventurers can enjoy nature at its finest, traveling through the Chequamegon-Nicolet Forest. In addition, there are plenty of opportunities to camp out and enjoy several fishing spots and swimming areas.

While the route is relatively long (it can take up to five days to complete), numerous towns are just around the corner. As a result, travelers can make their trip as long or as short as necessary.

Valley of the Gods Road – Utah

Outdoor adventurers who prefer the warmth and endless vistas offered by the desert will find the 17-mile loop that makes the Valley of the Gods Road in Utah the ultimate adventure. Taking between one to two days to complete, the trip traverses the wide-open spaces of the red-rock landscapes of Utah.

In between visiting some of the towering red rock formations along the route, overlanders can set up camp at numerous sites along the way. Travelers can spend a night or two viewing the Milky Way from the peaceful calm of the desert.

Although a 2WD car can make the trip, a 4WD vehicle makes a better option for travelers wanting to make the trip during the rainy seasons.

Traveling with Black Series

Outdoor adventurers may find the idea of experiencing these destinations appealing. However, encountering them while staying in a tent may be less enjoyable. And taking travel trailers may seem impossible. Luckily, thanks to Black Series, it’s not.

Black Series designs and manufactures unique off grid trailers. These custom-detailed vehicles allow adventurers to make their way off tarred roads and into the wilderness, across terrains of all forms.

Additionally, an overland trailer from Black Series is fully equipped with amenities that make living off the grid possible. For instance, sizeable individual water tanks store fresh water for drinking, cooking, and showering. In contrast, grey and black water tanks store waste. Further, the solar panels, inverter, and impressive batteries provide sufficient power for users to utilize the appliances, lighting, and even enjoy a daily hot shower.

A Black Series offroad trailer has it all when it comes to comfort. For example, adventurers sleep in a queen-size bed enjoy air conditioning and hot showers in a full-sized shower-stall separate from the toilet. In addition, the kitchen comes fitted with appliances like a microwave, sink, propane stove, and fridge.

Each aspect of the interior and exterior of a Black Series camper trailer ensures that off-grid living and all-terrain travel not only become possible but enjoyable. As a result, adventurers wanting to embark on any of the four destination routes in this article can do so in luxury and style with a Black Series off road camper trailer.

Final Thoughts

Outdoor adventurers have a wealth of breathtaking destinations to explore throughout the United States. From rocky mountain passes to forested areas with crystalline lakes and expansive red deserts, there is something for everyone.

While traveling to places like this used to mean sleeping in the car or pitching a tent and having an uncomfortable night’s sleep, Black Series has changed how adventurers travel. By offering a luxurious travel trailer that combines off-grid living with overlanding capabilities, Black Series makes exploring the wilderness comfortable and so much more fun.

Travelers can now access the wildest places in nature in style.

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