Old Florida railroad track in black and white – Courtesy: Shutterstock- Image by Stephen Orsillo

On top of its gorgeous beaches, thrilling one-of-a-kind theme parks, and beautiful weather, Florida is also home to several chilling ghost towns. Keep on reading to take a tour of these forgotten Florida towns.

Central Florida

In the late 1800s, Walt Disney had ties to a few Lake County, Florida villages. Both cities are now dim memories, but if you look a little closer, you can find some Disney history in Central Florida’s backroads.


The little Florida village of Eldora is located along the mid-Atlantic coast. In the late 19th century, it briefly experienced an uptick in prosperity. However, a string of terrible occurrences caused Eldora’s fortunes to alter, and over time, it vanished. Discover Eldora’s intriguing past in the video below, and pay a visit to the only remaining building in the town.


The early 1900s boom town of Centralia was initially situated in Hernando County, Florida. The town’s primary industry was logging, and at the time it housed one of the biggest sawmills in the South. The logging and turpentine industries, both quite significant during the period, led to the establishment of numerous settlements. The village started to disappear when the old, massive Cypress trees that surrounded it were nearly all cut down because they were so valuable to the logging industry. Metal detecting and removing artifacts from this location are forbidden at this site.

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