Where did Americans seeking a romantic getaway head to for Valentine’s Day this year?

The ever-popular Cancun, Mexico, took the top spot on Allianz Partners’ list of top international … [+] Valentine’s Day destinations this year.

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Not surprisingly, most vacationers had their hearts set on sunny and warm locales, according to Allianz Global Assistance’s 2022 Top Valentine’s Day Destinations review. Orlando, Florida, took the top spot within the U.S., while perennial favorite Cancun, Mexico, was the winner in the international category.

A large majority—81%—opted to stay close to home, while 19% headed to more far-flung destinations outside the U.S., where Mexico clinched the top four positions on the list.

Valentine’s Day vacationers overwhelmingly opted for tropical destinations this year, especially … [+] outside of the U.S.

Allianz Partners

To compile the data, the travel insurance and assistance company—a leading consumer specialty insurance company with operations in 35 countries—reviewed roundtrip flights itineraries* for two passengers departing from U.S. destinations.

*Methodology: The data of U.S. travelers’ 2022 Valentine’s Day travel plans was gathered by analyzing the number of customers that went through the online booking process of airfare paths for partners offering Allianz Global Assistance to generate itineraries for roundtrip flights for two passengers, departing and returning to U.S. airports for domestic and international destinations from 2/3 to 2/7, and returning from 2/10 to 2/15.


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