If you’re planning to travel for the holidays, law enforcement is reminding drivers to take care and be extra safe.

The year-end holiday period from Thanksgiving through New Year’s is one of the most dangerous times on the roads and highways in the U.S.

Law enforcement is urging drivers to plan ahead to make sure you and other drivers don’t run into issues.

AAA is reporting more than 109 million people are planning to travel 50 miles or more between tomorrow and Jan. 2. 

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“We have a lot more people traveling during the holiday season,” said Sgt. Jeremy Piers with Indiana State Police.

Piers said having more people on the roads could lead to more accidents. 

“Everyone is trying to get to a different location and tend to try and rush to get there,” Piers said.

Traffic crashes are up this year in the state.

“Last year in 2020, there were about 147,000 crashes and this year we’re up to 169,000 crashes,” Piers said.

That’s why law enforcement is reminding drivers to slow down and be careful while out on the roads this holiday season. 

“It’s important to be aware of your surroundings when you’re driving, don’t be distracted,” said Lieutenant Josh Ruben, Frankfort Police

Ruban with Frankfort Police said holiday gatherings bring another warning for drivers.

“There’s a bigger risk of accidents with so many people out celebrating and consuming alcohol or other intoxicating drugs,” Ruban said.

If you do plan to drink, don’t drive.

“Please remember there’s ridesharing, taxis, public transportation, and always have a designated sober driver to get you location to location,” Ruban said.

As it gets colder, experts say to make sure your car is stocked with extra supplies.

“It’s always smart this time of year to have blankets, extra food, extra water, first aid kit,” Ruban said.

Experts say it’s also a good idea to keep a shovel and kitty litter in your trunk in case you get stuck. 

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