WHILE holidays are officially back on, some countries are still seeing high Covid cases two years since the pandemic started.

Brits hoping to travel where cases remain low should avoid a number of destinations in Europe.


Covid rates are still high in some holiday hotspots including France

Covid rates in France are still some of the highest in Europe with 1,380 cases per million people, according to Our World in Data figures.

Germany is close behind with 1,009 cases per million, with countries Gibraltar, Austria, Luxembourg and Andorra all over 1,000 cases.

In comparison, the UK has just 390 cases per million people.

Most of mainland Europe still has higher cases than the UK, including Portugal (673), Greece (776) and Italy (835).

For Brits who are still nervous about Covid affecting their holiday, thankfully there are lots of destinations that have fewer cases in the UK, according to the latest figures.

Figures for Spain are not included as the data puts cases at 0, despite having an average 10,000 new cases a day – although this is a fraction of the UK’s 116,000 over the Easter weekend.

The country has recently eased more of its Covid restrictions too, no longer requiring people to wear masks inside from today.

For the best cases, leave Europe – Turkey is one of the best destinations, with just 88 cases per million people.

While holidaymakers can use the data to determine their safest holiday option, experts have warned Brits to still remain cautious when travelling abroad.

Virologist Professor Lawrence Young told the Mail Online it was “hard to be sure” about accurate rates, due to the difference in testing abroad.

He also warned that Brits should be careful as a “previous Covid infection or after vaccination is not uncommon and could really spoil a holiday abroad”.

Holidaymakers should also still check the entry restrictions before travelling as well.

While many countries are lifting Covid restrictions, some destinations, like the US, require a test before entering the country, while others still ban Brits who have not yet been vaccinated.

A recent study found that thousands of travellers a week are still being caught out by Covid restrictions after thinking they have all been lifted.

Thankfully, the UK lifted all of their Covid travel restrictions last month, meaning travellers can return to the country without any tests, forms or quarantining.

Cases in Spain are lower than the UK right now


Cases in Spain are lower than the UK right nowCredit: Getty


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