Embarking on a rail adventure across Europe guarantees unforgettable experiences, recent relationships and the chance to see places you otherwise may not have chosen to go to. As well as affording you the flexibleness to decide on wherever you desire to go at whatever time suits you best, travelling across the continent by train also provides awe-inspiring views whilst in a snug environment.  

However, to make sure a seamless and enjoyable European rail trip, preparation is vital. To make probably the most out of your Europe tour, pay attention to these top tips that can make your rail adventure all of the more exciting. 

Route Planning

Waking up one morning and picking a location out of a hat isn’t for you? Don’t worry! Planning your route before you set off in your adventure can play to your advantage. 

Start by knowing what destinations you desire to visit. Plotting them on a map will assist you visualise your route, making it lots easier to know what order is best to travel in. This way, you possibly can avoid excessively long trains and spend more time in each location. It might even encourage you to go to places you hadn’t considered! 

Planning a European Rail Trip
Image by WikiImages from Pixabay

Choosing the Right Backpack on your Adventure

Opting for a backpack over a suitcase will allow you more freedom and suppleness in the case of travelling by rail, especially when on a budget and expecting to get around a city on foot. 

It is really helpful that you are trying on different backpacks to make sure you get the correct size. No one desires to be the one trailing behind the group with their bag hanging off their back! 

A key tip is to decide on a bag that has secure pockets for necessary belongings. In addition, you’ll want accessible compartments for if you’ve had enough exploring for the day and need to get your comfies on without having to unpack the whole backpack. 

Packing the Essentials on your European rail trip

If there’s one thing that’s going to make your travel life easier, it’s packing cubes. Organise your clothes into different cubes which might be easy to take out of your bag without disrupting the packing system you should have ever-so-carefully created. 

Be the envy of those travelling with you by packing a neck pillow, ear plugs and a watch mask; the final word sleep combination! You don’t want sleep deprivation from a loud night train to spoil a day of exploring. Read more about packing on your next adventure.

Be Flexible

Perhaps crucial tip for a journey across the continent is to be flexible. Trains will be cancelled and delayed, weather can impact travel, and plans may not work out the best way you initially had hoped. So, it’s necessary to maintain an open mind and take each challenge as a possibility to step outside your comfort zone. You never know what you may stumble across!

Preparing holistically is the perfect technique to start your trip knowing that you may have done all the things to make your journey as smooth as possible. Next stop: Adventure! 


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