A TRAVEL expert has debunked many of the viral packing tips which have swept social media in recent weeks.

TikTok users have been sharing their best travel hacks, with the most popular being how to get around airline hand luggage rules.


Travel experts have revealed the packing hacks that probably won’t workCredit: Getty

Many low-cost airlines no longer include a free suitcase, meaning travellers need to either pay for it, or travel with a small bag instead.

One recent video shows Anya Iakovlieva, who used an empty pillow case full of her clothes to get around the airline’s hand luggage rules.

Naveen Dittakavi, CEO of Next Vacay, who offers cheap flights deals told Insider the tip was unlikely to work every time, although could be worth trying.

He explained: “Most airlines will allow you to bring a travel pillow as part of your attire, but each airline will determine if you can board carrying a standard-sized bed pillow, depending on their luggage regulations.”

Another trick was revealed by Ryanair passenger Kristen Black, who used her rolled up clothes to make a neck pillow for the flight.

However, United Airlines digital communications specialist Bianca Motalvo said this was also very unlikely to work, as most airlines will include a pillow as the personal item allowed onboard for free, instead of a backpack.

The best way to make the most of your luggage? Vacuum packing bags and packing cubes.

Tom Church, who created money-saving website latestdeals.co.uk, also said giving your child a full size bag instead of a child-size suitcase can give you extra space.

One mum revealed the clever way to pack 200 items into one suitcase, when going abroad as a family.

Be careful about sharing your packing tricks that get you around strict airlines rules, however.

In November 2020, a TikTok user was banned from an airline after he posted a “hack” on how to get free baggage while travelling.

Packing cubes and vacuum bags will get you more space


Packing cubes and vacuum bags will get you more spaceCredit: Getty


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