Travel experts are expecting people to take fewer and shorter trips in 2022 due to high gasoline prices. That has tourism and business leaders in Chautauqua County concerned, but cautiously optimistic. Chautauqua County Visitors Bureau Executive Director Andrew Nixon was among the officials on hand for Congressman Tom Reed’s press conference on Thursday in Bemus Point regarding high gas prices. Nixon says the county has actually done pretty well during times of inflation and higher costs…

Andrew Nixon: Chautauqua County has done comparatively well

Chautauqua County Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Daniel Heitzenrater says they’re also hoping for the best, but also urges people to be kind to service employees who are on the front lines during some difficult times…

Daniel Heitzenrater: be kind to service employees

Some local businesses still have not been able to bring staffing levels back to where they should be coming out of the pandemic. Heitzenrater adds that the waitress at a local restaurant or service station attendant has nothing to do with the prices being charged for that service.


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