Muscat: Summer has begun, and with rising temperatures in a number of Sultanate governorates, there are a number of places in the Sultanate of Oman that maintain its mild atmosphere to be tourist destinations throughout the year, including Al Ashkharah and Al Khalouf Village.

Al Ashkhara in the Wilayat of Jalan Bani Bu Ali in South Al Sharqiyah. Its sky is covered with light clouds in the summer, making it a prominent tourist destination in Oman due to the beauty of its beaches and its soft sand dunes. It is also an important source of Omani fish and a habitat for turtles. Its people are famous for their traditional industries such as weaving, ships and old boats.

The village of Al Khalouf in the Wilayat of Mahout in Al-Wusta Governorate is rich in tourism and natural aesthetics such as mountains, rocks and beautiful beaches. It has a number of tourist attractions. Its beaches are characterised by white sand, and most of its residents practice the profession of fishing.


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