Eduardo Medina, CEO of Activacar / P.M.

Over 250 companies met in Malaga at the Tourism and Innovation fair to present their ideas to modernise the travel industry

Pilar Martínez

The 24th Innovation and Tourism Fair has united over 250 Spanish and European companies, and 7,000 professionals, to showcase how the travel industry can be developed through innovation.

The event is taking place in Malaga’s Palacio de Ferias over three days this week and focuses on the pivotal roles of digitalisation, innovation and sustainability in the development of tourism and travel, and the essential role which these tools play in catering to travellers seeking ever more efficient and secure services.

During the opening ceremony, various officials, including the Mayor of Malaga, highlighted the importance of the upcoming year for the recovery of the travel industry in the wake of the pandemic.

Marta Jiménez, CEO of Rural Shoppers

Marta Jiménez, CEO of Rural Shoppers /


Innovative startups

The ‘Innovate 2022’ section of the event celebrated several Malaga start-ups, some of which have previously been awarded the Costa del Sol tourism authority’s prize for Entrepeneurial Tourism Initiatives.

One such company is ‘Activacar’. Working to make mobility more sustainable, this project aims to provide about 500 electric cars to hotels in the Costa del Sol and Andalucía region, as well as increasing the network of charging points in the area. The company also encourages car-sharing between hotels and travellers along popular travel routes.

The event focused on digitalisation, sustainability and innovation

Another example is ‘Rural Shoppers’, a socially responsible project which ensures that holidaymakers arrive at the destinations to find a fridge which is fully stocked with locally sourced products. Not only does this service support local businesss in smaller villages, it also works to promote more traditional items.

Over 250 companies attended the event / P.M.

Within the fair, there were also companies working to develop solutions for travel agencies. For example, ‘Cisnea’ is an online service which helps travellers to plan their trip, connecting them to tour operators and agencies, and providing support before, throughout and after their journey. This helps holidaymakers to find the best price and ensures safety and reliability, while also helping tour operators to increase their profits.


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