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Cornwall and the Maldives both take the top spot for the most searched for holiday destinations.

Search data collated by travel brand Pocket Wanderings has revealed the most searched for holiday destinations by Brits. In the joint top spot are Cornwall and the Maldives. Both ‘Cornwall holidays’ and ‘Maldives holidays’ have 74,000 monthly searches in the UK, making them the most sought-after holiday destinations in 2022. 

In a close third place is Dubai, with the search term ‘Dubai holidays’ bringing in 60,500 monthly searches in the UK. Followed by Greece and Tenerife, both with 49,500 monthly searches. In terms of UK holiday destinations, Cornwall is by far the most popular destination, with Isle of Wight in second place, followed by Devon.

Most popular worldwide holiday destinations (monthly search volume)

  1. Cornwall holidays (74,000)
  2. Maldives holidays (74,000)
  3. Dubai holidays (60,500)
  4. Greece holidays (49,500)
  5. Tenerife holidays (49,500)
  6. Malta holidays (40,500)
  7. Portugal holidays (40,500)
  8. Barbados holidays (33,100)
  9. Spain holidays (33,100)
  10. Turkey holidays (33,100)

Most popular UK holiday destinations (monthly search volume)

  1. Cornwall holidays (74,000)
  2. Isle of Wight holidays (22,200)
  3. Devon holidays (14,800)
  4. St Ives holidays (14,800)
  5. Scilly Isles holidays (12,100)
  6. Lake District holidays (12,100)
  7. Wales holidays (12,100)
  8. Scotland holidays (9,900)
  9. New Forest holidays (8,100)
  10. Argyll holidays (5,400)

‘Cornwall holidays’ is over three times as searched for as notoriously popular destinations, such as ‘Ibiza holidays’ (22,200), ‘Cyprus holidays’ (22,200), and ‘Santorini holidays’ (22,200). While the Maldives has cemented itself as the most desirable foreign holiday destination with Brits.

The data has been collated from SEMRush and is based on monthly searches in the UK. The top 200 most searched for holiday destinations can be provided on request.

About Pocket Wanderings: Pocket Wanderings is a luxury travel brand by Pocket Digital Group Ltd. Based in London, UK, Pocket Wanderings provides detailed travel guides, the latest travel industry insights, adventure stories, and hotel reviews.

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