Must-Experience Highlights in Bali | The Vacation Gateway
Must-Experience Highlights in Bali | The Vacation Gateway

Visitors to Bali would find that this Indonesian island is an entrancing locality offering an array of interesting sights and experiences that will capture their imagination like those mentioned below.

Ubud Market | Image by Alpha via flickr

Tegalalang Rice Terraces

You will find that these picturesque rice terraces would present an absorbing sight for the visitor. Here, tourists will even have the chance to realize an enchanting glimpse into the local customs and culture too; you’d give you the option to explore this appealing village in addition to its surroundings and mingle with a few of its residents.


The vibrant Seminyak, a well-liked tourist neighbourhood would offer many features of interest for the discerning visitor. You will find appealing beaches, upscale designer boutiques, more modest local shops, attractive restaurants and bars, and more. A nature resort in Bali to contemplate where you may immerse yourself in natural beauty in addition to plan an tour to go to Seminyak could be Nirjhara.

Besakih Temple

An absorbing religious attraction in Bali could be the renowned Besakih Temple. Located on the foothills of the very best mountain in Bali, Mount Agung, you will see that that the Besakih Temple complex would contain a minimum of 86 shrines. Numerous engrossing religious ceremonies are conducted here annually, drawing Hindu worshippers from across the island of Bali.

Ubud Art Market

Bali’s cultural point of interest could be Ubud where quite a few artists pursue their crafts producing authentic and distinctive creations that will capture the interest of the art lover. Irrespective of whether you seek original artwork or an easy souvenir, you won’t be dissatisfied on the Ubud Art Market. Even observing the varied creations on sale could be an interesting experience.


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