2022 is looking to finally be the year where people can leave lockdowns behind and return to the outside world. That means it’s time to finally check in on outdoor attractions and crowded events. While some safety precautions should still be observed, you can travel with a more relative sense of safety. So book your tickets, reverse spots,and plan out the itinerary now. There’s a lot to see out there in the big, wide world.


One travel destination that deserves your attention is Ontario, Canada. This large province of Canada is home to all kinds of memorable landmarks and activities. There are remote getaways, beautiful nature scenes, and all the hustle and bustle of the big city. You can camp, see a unique world wonder, and take in the city skyline from atop a rotating restaurant. Here are some of the best things to see and do in Ontario in 2022.


Niagara Falls From Several Angles


If you want to see the best Canada has to offer right away, drive up from New York. One notable location on the border is Niagara Falls. The famous waterfall is unique in that it can be seen from both countries. The Canadian side has a little extra, however, in that you can actually go down to the water beneath via a boat tour. Why would you want to do that, you ask? Well, some tours will take you around the falls to see what lies behind.


The area around Niagara Falls is also home to several restaurants and places to stay the night. It’s a great first stop for a Canada trip.


Live The Luxury Life In Canadian Casinos


For thrills that don’t involve heights, check Ontario’s new forms of legal gambling. The casinos offer card games, slots, all the other classics, and even sports betting. Betting online is also now legal in Ontario. You can use apps or websites to play casual casino games like slots and even bet on live sports games. The sports betting is currently very popular, and offers odds on everything from World Cup matches to American college football.


While at the casinos, you can also experience the finest in dining and accommodations you can imagine. And thanks to the rise of online gambling, you can place your bets without ever having to leave your room!


In Ontario’s online casinos, you can play live video poker with different amounts of buy-in. Slots are also very popular as they can easily be played using apps and offer casual odds. The Ontario Bet365 Casino offers an astounding number of slots options, going to the 100s.


Dine On Top Of The World (Or At Least Toronto)


The CN Tower is one the highlight buildings of the Toronto skyline. For those willing to brave its highest heights, it also offers an unparalleled view of the city from above. Looking from a window is nice enough, but the truly dedicated can hang outside along the tower’s walls on safety harnesses. But the most memorable attraction has to be the restaurant on top of the CN Tower. It spins slowly so that you can see the whole 360 degree view as you enjoy a nice meal.


Discover Ancient History At The Provincial Park


Ontario has many parks that offer a variety of challenging hiking trails, majestic views, and scenic picnic spots. Petroglyphs Provincial Park sets itself apart by containing the province’s largest known collection of Indigenous rock carvings. The site is known as a teaching place, and indeed has a lot to say about the very early history of Ontario. The park’s learning center has exhibits on the Ojibway people and their traditional medicine wheel.


For those more interested in bird watching, the Petroglyphs Provincial Park has several interesting species that nest nearby and sometimes wander into viewing range.




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