For Canadians planning their next trip, they might not have to travel so far, as one Canadian city is coined a top spot to visit this year.

Recently, CNN compiled a list of 23 must-visit destinations in 2023. In the company of Poland, Western Australia, Fiji, Rwanda, and Greece, is Ottawa, Ontario.

“It doesn’t have Montreal’s French flair or Toronto’s international oomph, so the Canadian capital can get overlooked. That would be a mistake. Graceful and understated, Ottawa has its own draws,” wrote CNN.

The list recommends the Ottawa Jazz Festival, the Rideau Canal, and Parliament hill as sights to see.

Ottawa is around two and a half hours away from Montréal and about five hours away from Toronto. Although it is Canada’s capital with a population of just under a million, its neighbours usually get all the attention.

With a place in CNN’s best destination list, Canadians shared their mixed reactions on social media.


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