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Rising fuel prices impacting local tourism


MYSTIC, CT- (WFSB) – Southeast Connecticut is the mecca for state tourism, and mystic is a must stop for many out of state residents.

But as fuel prices creep over the $5 and $6 mark it is making people re-think their travel plans.

“It’s an advantage for us here in Mystic. I think we’ll continue to see our numbers be great for the summertime because we are that one tank away from so many locations, but I know the boating perspective. They’re having trouble with the cost of fuel,” said Mystic Chamber of Commerce President, Bruce Flax.”

For example, fishing charter veteran Capt. Greg Dubrule of the Black Hawk in Niantic, is spending $13,000 per week to fill up. He says his fishing parties travel from as far away as Philadelphia and new Jersey.

“My fear is not only for us with the fuel oil prices but are these customers who are coming from far away. Are they going to be able to pay the gas prices to get here and back,” said Capt. Dubrule.

Mystic Seaport meanwhile is seeing a return to pre-pandemic levels of visitors, especially come July, when entry is free courtesy of the state.

“I do think the price of gas being over $5 does have an impact, however, at Mystic Seaport Museum we are offering free admission July 1st for children in CT as well as one accompanying adult,” explains Gabrielle Gresko, the Seaport Director Of Visitor Services.

If you want to learn more about those free passes for Connecticut residents, click here.


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