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Shay Mitchell has made a business out of her busy jet-setting life. In between embarking on countless #shaycations and starring in Pretty Little Liars and You, the entrepreneurial actress in 2018 launched Béis, a line of affordable and stylish luggage and travel essentials. (She’s also behind Onda, the canned tequila seltzer she co-founded in 2020 with Kelli Adams.)

The travel gear company rolled out its first collection of soft-sided collapsible luggage ($198 to $248) in early February, and Mitchell tells The Hollywood Reporter that Béis will debut a new winter collection of four travel essentials on Feb. 23.

Priced from $48 to $128, the sleek Ready to Ride range was inspired by luxe leather moto jackets and includes a koozie sling, a fanny pack, versatile messenger backpack and an expandable overnighter, all made from quilted faux lambskin leather and finished with ice gold metal hardware.

The Béis Expandable Overnighter
Courtesy of Beis

“I’m super excited about the Expandable Overnighter, but there are two pieces that are extra perfect for winter,” Mitchell tells THR. “Our new fanny pack has a fur-lined slip pocket that doubles as a muff so you can be hands-free when you need to be, and cozy when you can. We also have a koozie sling that’s fur-lined to keep your beverages cold and your hand warm. If you prefer hot beverages, we do not discriminate — the koozie is insulated and perfect for hot and cold beverages.”

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The Béis Fanny Pack and Koozy Sling
Courtesy of Béis

The Expandable Overnighter bag can be worn over the shoulder or carried by its top handles, and includes a padded laptop compartment, a key leash, cell phone holder and organizer pockets for water bottles and more. The Messenger Backpack was designed to go from the office to dinner, and is finished with a trolly passthrough for attaching to a luggage handle.

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Courtesy of Béis

Ahead, Mitchell shares the inspiration behind her latest launches, what she has learned in her first role as executive producer on Fox’s The Cleaning Lady and how she cares for her skin during winter. Read on below, and shop Béis’ winter collection starting Feb. 23 online here.

Who did you have in mind when creating the new soft-sided collapsible luggage?

Well! If I am being honest, so many of our Béis designs start with me in mind. I know that sounds so selfish, but it’s true! Before I launched Béis — when I was traveling with other bags — I would always have these ideas about how to improve upon the designs: What needed to change, what needed to be added and what had me scratching my head and seemed to have no purpose.

I knew I could not be the only person using bags and wishing they were different, thus inspiring the origin point of the company.

Beis Soft-Sided Carry-On Roller Luggage

Beis Soft-Sided Carry-On Roller Luggage


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I’ve always really liked soft luggage, so in the back of my head I knew that I wanted to launch Béis into this new territory; and naturally, we have Béis-ified the whole concept.

Yes, these rollers are soft, but more importantly, they are collapsible so you have size when you need it and space when you don’t. When you get to your destination, you don’t have to stare at your suitcases in your room the whole time (even though they’re beautiful and you obviously want to stare!) And that concept goes for home. There is a small space under my stairs where I store my rollers, and now since they compress down I’ll have more space (for more Béis!)

We saw that you recently went to Jamaica! What was the top highlight of your trip?

You know … I think the highlight was doing nothing? I think so much of us are so “on” and “plugged in” all the time, that it’s super important for us to take to just be. Atlas is two now and knows how to swim so it was super fun to watch her enjoy her surroundings. In the back of my mind I am always wondering what may be a core memory … that would be a pretty special trip to have a core memory. We had a great time.

Congrats on your first show, The Cleaning Lady, as executive producer. What were some of the biggest lessons you learned during that experience?

Thank you so much! It’s so surreal seeing it out in the world. When I saw the original Argentinian version I was just hit with this idea that it was a needed opportunity to make it for American audiences and to address some underlying narratives and social issues that are being faced by so many people.

I knew that Miranda Kwok was the exact right person to bring this story to life, and delicately address these things in exactly the “right” way. I think that’s always the biggest takeaway for me as an actress, entrepreneur and now producer. It is imperative to surround yourself with people who are the best at what they do, and whom you trust implicitly.

What does your winter self-care routine currently look like?

Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. It is dry AF here so I am sure to use all the lotions and potions to protect my skin from the harshness of the winter season. I’m talking chapsticks, body lotions, overnight moisturizers, socks on my hands and feet at night level of moisturizing.

What are the next destinations you’re hoping to check off your bucket list?

Italy is always at the top of my list. I am also dying to get to Colombia and South America, and I would love to get back to Fiji soon, too.


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