Boasting cooler, fresher climates and a whole lot of hanging bridge hikes, Boquete is the favorite choice for lovers of Flora and Fauna. Boquete is one of the top destinations for the outdoorsy traveler and is a top expat location in Panama. Don’t get us wrong, the beaches in Panama are top tier and bucket-list worthy, but nobody talks about the sheer wildness that exists in Panama, cue Boquete.

The traveler: Hiking, climbing, rafting, arriving at hot springs  Aside from this, Boquete is known for its cute culturally enriching town, its artisanal products, world-class coffee and impressive cuisine for all types of diets including vegans, vegetarians and gluten-free travelers.

Boquete is also known for being a great option for families and traveler looking to retreat into nature and wake up to the sounds of nature. It is also a well-known US expat location meaning, if this high-density expat vibe would bother you then maybe look elsewhere…


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