Couple at a candle light dinner date holding hands next to bouquet of red roses.

If you have been in Walmart and other stores lately, then you have surely seen plenty of pink and red. Everyone is preparing for Valentine’s Day and all of the mushy, gushy that love brings. Valentine’s Day is one of my favorite holidays, single or not. I truly enjoy seeing and being around all of the love. Of course, romance is a lot of fun, but destinations can bring a lot of romance as well. If you’re wondering which destinations to travel to for Valentine’s Day, then you may have found the right place.

Wandernity listed 17 Valentine’s Day destinations in the United States. That’s right, 17 places that are a lot of fun to enjoy and spend time with your significant other. Thankfully, one of those destinations is just a road trip away from North Carolina. Charleston, South Carolina made the list as one of America’s best destinations for Valentine’s Day. The cobblestone, beautiful buildings, great food, and activities bring together so much to do with your partner. You also have the chance to enjoy a nice walk on the beach at night even if you would like. Plan a photoshoot with all of the beautiful scenery that Charleston has to offer and maybe even pop the question if you’re thinking about that! As I said, I love love!

This Valentine’s Day I have a feeling is going to be a great one for a lot of people. I cannot wait to see everyone’s Valentine’s Day pictures and love and all of those things. So, if you’re contemplating other destinations check out the full list here to see what other destinations you should check out.


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