West Bengal State Tourism Minister, Indranil Sen, told the Assembly that the West Bengal government is planning to improve tourism infrastructure in the Sundarbans. According to Sen, the state government is engaged with the private sector in planning a host of new infrastructure possibilities in Sundarbans.

Infrastructures such as eco-friendly hotels, and entertainment arenas are two of the main things that are going to be developed in the forests of Sundarbans.

The state of West Bengal has introduced a range of package tours in Sundarbans for travellers from the city. Among other things, the government has introduced vessels ferrying them to jungles and back. Now the government is looking at other avenues to develop further infrastructure in the area.

According to reports, the government in West Bengal is looking forward to starting houseboat services in the Sundarbans in the next six months, much like the ones in Kashmir.

The Sundarbans is a large mangrove forest that is one of the unique destinations in the country. It is home to the Bengal Tiger, and a host of unique species. There are about 400 of these majestic tigers here in the forest.The forest here is remote, and travelling to this destination must be on your West Bengal travel bucket list.

A dreamy experience, with more developments in the region, your Sundarban experience is bound to be a lot more exciting, and rewarding.


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