Oolong, Chai, Boba, Matcha and More…

If you’re like most people in the world, you love tea. And that’s a good thing! With so many teas to choose from, tea drinkers have a much better variety than coffee drinkers, plus many teas offer great health benefits, like anti-inflammatory teas, teas that reduce stress, teas that help with heart health, gut health and many more. Many teas also provide a great source of antioxidants, which we know are great for helping our bodies fight free radicals, which can cause age-related issues from dementia to wrinkles.

Tea lovers, this is the slideshow for you. Hand-picked like the teas we know you love, these destinations offer great opportunities to explore rich tea cultures around the world, from Asia to South America. From excursions to historic tea houses and gardens where trees have been producing some of the world’s best brews for centuries, these destinations are the roots of what is a very global tea industry and culture and offer great experiences that will help you cherish your afternoon cup of tea even more than you do already.

Read on to learn about some of the world’s biggest tea-growing destinations and how you can experience their tea cultures for yourself. 


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