Seychelles has gorgeous beaches, beautiful landscapes and water sports. However, the nightlife in Seychelles could be a bit limited in comparison with another tourist destinations. Most of it’s centred on Praslin and Mahe. Keep reading so you recognize exactly what to anticipate when within the Seychelles.

Night Clubs 

Katiolo in Mahe is amongst the very best clubs in Seychelles. There is a vibrant tropical feel, with outdoor seating to benefit from the fresh sea breeze. The music is 70s, and 80s pop to rock, R&B and native fare. Some resorts like Anantara Maia Seychelles Villas are also good places to look out for nighttime activities. Other places include Lovenut, Ozone, Barrel and Tequila Boom.


The Gran Kaz Entertainment Center is one among the biggest casinos in Seychelles. You can find 150 advanced slot machines and three reel slots.

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Bars and pubs

Chemin Latanier Road is commonly considered the very best bar on the island with a spread of drinks at reasonably priced prices and great music. Others include Kanoba Bar & Lounge, Zez Bar, La Gaulette Bar, and Silhouette Bar.

Beach restaurants 

Dining at beachfront restaurants in the course of the nighttime could be a romantic and enjoyable experience. Visiting The Beach Bar and Grill of Constance Lemuria is taken into account amongst the very best things to do in Praslin, and other restaurants like Britannia Restaurant, Capricorn Restaurant, and Mango Terrace Restaurant & Bar offer a nice dining experience by the ocean.


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