The British newspaper The Sun highlighted the top warmest tourist destinations to visit in the coming winter 2023, ranking Egypt as amongst the best of them all.

The newspaper said in its report that with temperatures dropping and Christmas celebrations ending, spending January in the UK could be dreary, so it presented warm destinations around the world such as Egypt, and quoted the Met Office for the best holiday destinations in January.


The warmest tourist destinations in the world

The British newspaper noted that the average temperature in Egypt is 19C, and added that it is a popular destination for the British throughout the year.

It is “a wonderful place to go to enjoy some winter sun,” the report said.

The Sun explained that flights are scheduled to take four hours and 40 minutes, making it one of the shorter destinations on the list, and a preferred destination for people who want to reduce their carbon footprint or their flight time for a holiday close to the country.


New Year’s celebrations in Cairo

On New Year’s Eve, the British newspaper Daily Mail also shed light on Cairo’s celebrations of the New Year 2023, and published a video clip from a celebration held on the Nile River.

It said: “Cairo welcomed the New Year with a massive fireworks display that was held on the Nile River.”

The Daily Mail also published a video clip showing fireworks around the Cairo Tower and on the Nile River.

The video clip showed boats traveling in the Night River, as well as the moment fireworks were launched around the Cairo Tower.


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