The Thrilling Devil’s Pool in Victoria Falls – An Unforgettable Adventure in Zambia
The Thrilling Devil’s Pool in Victoria Falls – An Unforgettable Adventure in Zambia

Are you an adrenaline junkie looking for an exciting adventure? Look no further than Devil’s Pool in Victoria Falls which happens to be the biggest sheet of falling water on the planet! Here’s what it’s essential find out about getting the prospect to swim to the sting of this waterfall.

What to Expect

Devil’s Pool is created by a natural rock barrier on the sting of Victoria Falls, which allows a peaceful pool of water to form. During the dry season, the water levels are low enough to make it possible to swim to the sting and look over a 108-metre drop; as you’ll be able to imagine, being at the sting of the falls, amidst the thundering water is an unforgettable experience! On a visit from nearby properties like Avani Victoria Falls Resort, you may also see a plaque which marks the place where British explorer, David Livingstone, first saw this magnificent waterfall.

Getting There

This attraction is positioned on the Zambian side of Victoria Falls; hotels in Mosi-oa-Tunya National Park make a great base to go to each the falls and Devil’s Pool. Keep in mind that you’re going to must take a guided boat tour to Livingstone Island which departs five times day by day from the banks of the Zambezi River. From the island, one can swim to the pool and the purpose where the water cascades down, while depending on the water levels, there are instances where one can wade or walk to this site.

Best Time to Go

Devil’s Pool is mostly open throughout the dry season when the water levels are relatively lower which is frequently from around June to December or mid-January; nevertheless, if you would like to swim to the positioning or enjoy a dip in it, your best bet is to go there between mid-August and December, with October and November being optimal months for such activities. Since conditions can change, check ahead about what’s on offer on the day you intend to go.

Original uploader was Ian Restall at en.wikipedia, Tourists swimming at Victoria Falls, marked as public domain, more details on Wikimedia Commons

Keep In Mind

You wouldn’t have to be a swimming pro to benefit from the experience of accessing Devil’s Pool via Livingstone Island; nevertheless, ideally, you ought to be a medium or strong swimmer in case you intend to swim to the positioning though this is dependent upon if the tour operator deems that the conditions are protected enough. If you should not a terrific swimmer, there’s an choice to wade to the pool, but keep in mind that the water may reach as much as your waste. When water levels are at their lowest, you’ll be able to even walk across though you should have a guide with you.


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