Sitting on the Southern portion of the African continent, the country of Mozambique is an idyllic nation filled with the wonders of natural beauty, each inside land and without. Home to a cluster of islands referred to as the Bazaruto Archipelago, the five islands themselves are considered tiny slices of paradise – the whole lot that folks imagine once they picture a beach vacation or see it in the films or on TV.

Maputo, the Capital

Standing proudly as Mozambique’s capital, Maputo is a testament to Mozambican culture, known for its seafood and spices. Offering the chance for travellers to immerse themselves within the wealthy culture, the breathtaking architecture, in addition to its storied history and exotic customs, the landscape is dotted with lovely restaurants, bustling people, and an energetic nightlife.

Vilanculos, the Diving Centre

Better referred to as the gateway to the Bazaruto archipelago, this charming town on the coast has its own repute by right – and is a splendid vacation destination of its own. The town is stuffed with delicious cuisine and splendid accommodations, and the near-untouched beaches of the coastline make for excellent photo opportunities and/or romantic walks. It’s also an excellent place for a couple of marine tours!

Inhambane, the City of Reefs

Have you ever heard of a Dugong? If you haven’t – it’s a marine mammal, rare and exotic, of the identical family as that of manatees. Here in Inhambane, you’ll find among the last remaining species of dugong, and the town itself can be well-known for its reef diving opportunities where you’ll be able to see the sumptuous manta ray and whale shark. Remember to be respectful towards these creatures once you visit!

Image via Anantara Bazaruto Island Resort

The Best Times to Visit

The Bazaruto archipelago is indeed splendid, however it does have the most effective time to go to. If you’re considering making a stop at certain Mozambique holiday resorts, similar to the Anantara Bazaruto Island Resort, know that the months of November to March are the most effective for seeing the marine life and experiencing its beaches. However, when you’re more of a fan of the dry season, try visiting in the course of the time of August-September, when Mozambique receives little or no rainfall – thereby providing you with the prospect to see what you would like. Just be prepared!


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